AFI 33-103 PDF

Air Force Instruction , Communications and functional terms, in accordance with AFI and Air Force series supply. 12/1/ INFORMATION PROTECTION. Kb. AFI Kb. AFI 7/1/ Requirements Kb. AFMAN 5/1/ ENGINEERING AND. HQ USAF functional managers chair their own functional requirements boards ( AFI , Requirements Development and Processing). They prepare and.

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The CSO may retain limited amounts of serviceable computer systems for maintenance redundancy and operational spares when the communications unit has a maintenance or operational support mission.

Full text of “DTIC ADA Computer Systems Management”

In data automation, the physical equipment or devices forming a computer and peripheral components. Wing Information Protection IP Office —Office that administers the wing IP program, advises the base computer systems security officer, and acts as the accreditation advisor to the designated approving j authority.

Ensures appropriate action is taken upon receipt of excess equipment requests. System —A computer system and its external peripherals and software interconnected with another computer system. Budgets for maintenance of applicable host base computer systems. Has an equipment control officer ECO been appointed in writing by the commander?

The SA manages the resources of the entire computer system. Contact the NCC workcenter for needed assistance. The generic term dealing with physical items as distinguished from its capability or function such as equipment, tools, implements, instruments, devices, sets, fittings, trimmings, assemblies, subassemblies, components, and aci.

The CSO obtains per-call contractor support, mail-in service, and standby spares rather than on-call support, unless mission requirements dictate otherwise, or a more economic form of support exists.

– Side 33 af 101

A computer system may be a stand-alone system or may consist of several interconnected systems. When the GO and SES decide to take their afii, they will work with the losing and gaining communications unit to ensure proper equipment inventory accountability.


Certifies that adequate monitoring capabilities and safeguards against private misuse exist. Appoints an organization computer manager OCM. No information collections are created by this publication.

General Ledger Subsidiary Account Using organizations are normally responsible for installing stand-alone small computers, peripherals, and software. Central Processing Unit CPU — The portion of a computer that executes programmed instructions, performs arithmetic and logic functions, and controls input and output functions.

Contracts must provide instructions on how to complete AF Form and vendor forms if used. Has a memorandum of agreement MOA been established for addressing responsibilities for deployment and support for joint systems? The routine recurring work required to keep a facility plant, building, structure, ground facility, utility system, or other real property in such condition that it may be continuously utilized, at its original or designed capacity and efficiency, for its intended purpose.

Shareware —Privately or commercially sfi software that is normally distributed free of charge but a fee is generally expected for continued or extended use. The CSO should evaluate these costs when planning for deployment maintenance.

Pages in category “Korean War auxiliary ships of the United States” The following pages are in this category, out of total. Make sure the labels are plain, white, and self-adhesive. Has the commander delegated the authority to receive new equipment to only the ECO?

Updates IPMS and clears errors before the first Sunday of each month as required for upward reporting. Information Collections, Records, and Forms. Standardized inventory record data entry. This guidance must include: Has the selected individual received appropriate training? Computer Systems Maintenance Reporting. Whenever possible, provide notice 60 days prior to the equipment going off line.

Obtain written aafi from the local designated approval authority DAA prior to the use or connection of new computer system resources.


Ship equipment that has completed the screening cycle to DRMO in a timely and economic manner. Is the accountable officer for all equipment listed in their assigned IPMS account. Retains serviceable excess computer systems for maintenance redundancy or operational spares.

Allow access by the program management office PMO to establish vendor contract and group tables if they meet the established criteria. This list may not reflect recent Perform routine system maintenance such as backing up or archiving files and adding software updates. Elvis Presley on film and television – Wikipedia en.

Immediately notify the organizational commander to appoint an investigating official to begin the ROS process for any loss, damage, or destruction of computer systems. The installation commander may approve a one-grade reduction.

Processes all base-user aafi systems orders except those 33-1033 by host tenant support agreements and joint service programs managed outside the Air Force.

Obtain approval and coordinate all potential transfers of computer systems between accounts with the applicable ECO.

Are responsible for all assigned computer systems. Ensures organizations do not use shareware or public domain software until the CSO certifies computer systems are afj of viruses, hidden defects, or obvious copyright infringements, and that organization shareware users pay any necessary fees prior to utilization. Is accountable for equipment listed in their assigned IPMS account. Central Processing Unit CPU —The portion of a computer that executes programmed instructions, performs arithmetic and logic functions, and controls input afl output functions.