The Spiritmaster class is not the most natural path of progression from href=”http ://” target=”_blank”>the. How does one become a Spiritmaster? In Aion there are what is known as base classes. There are a total of 4 base classes and every player. Blade of earth – removed . no comment best group skill of the sm. and those CD changes ok this will be totally dumb thats for sure. another.

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Although, don’t let this remove all hopes in ever using an orb for you. It isn’t until you ascend that you get your class specific spells i. Tell me more about the Earth Spirit!

Do Sorcerer’s and Spiritmasters gain the same abilities while spiritkaster are still a Mage? They have many forms of DoTs, both single target and AE, and some of these don’t cancel each other out.

Typically one spends more time resting than they do leveling with this pet out while solo PvEing.

The fire pet is like your own personal gladitaor. Here are links to aipn websites with useful information: How many do you get and what kind? There are a total of 4 base classes and every player starts as one.


All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. These do the appropriate spiritmxster type of their element but can only attack targets within 25m of you.

Got for other classes too?

Aion Online Spiritmaster Guide

They only are up for 5 minutes. Don’t be fooled though, they can do way more than just look cool. The Aion Spiritmaster handbook gives you a list of equipment spritmaster the form of preset builds designed to serve each specific purpose: Although not the greatest pet in PvP it does have its application.

Luckily, the Aion Spiritmaster Guide can give you just that. Disturbance I Water which adds an effect that crashes players out of flight. What am I supposed to see: In this case, a Spiritmaster. The Sorcerer is more of a direct damage spiritmatser, as well as the primary ranged CC class.

SM Skill changes – Spiritmaster – Aion EN

For a full list of skills visit The Aion Armory. By providing not only the best strategies and techniques that facilitates a smooth income of Kinah but also the locations to go to to make the most out of your time, this handbook is invaluable to any Spiritmaster aiming to make it rich in the game!


This is typically people’s favorite pet class. These 2 pets also cost DP, and this skill has a 1 hour cool down timer.

This makes you vulnerable and gives up a huge advantage your class has, range! This site is protected by international copyright laws. Tooltip damages for the Tempest is for example.

Aion Spiritmaster Guide

I saw a sm leveling, it seems this class was also simplified a lot in skills, just like other classes. Contact us at Click here to display e-mail address. Mage is a base class and has nothing to do with the branch classes Gukde, Spiritmasters, ect, ect. This was the reason at level 28 you gain Command: Claim the name as a fearsome manipulator of the elements once you’re equipped with all the expertly laid-out strategies, tactics and tricks that can be found in this Aion Spiritmaster Guide.

SM 6.0 Skill changes

This guide is available for instant download! Stop running around randomly and grinding any enemy that pops up for experience.

I remember servants being aoon than useless. There are no more scrolls, therefore you remove mostly skill buffs.