Hi Guys,. Is there any chance that someone out there has the Airfix 1/72 vulcan instructions and is willing to scan them and email a copy to me?. This is the “Vulcan to the Sky” boxing, see this thread for instructions relevant to the Falklands 25th Anniversary and regular boxings. Airfix Instruction Sheets available for free download.

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Thats some fantastic etch from WEM. I have found the instructions have improved since the new owners. I think this is going to be a seriously great project – enjoy Jase. Some fabulous etch details there Gray and nice reference material too.

Really looking forward to the start of your Vulcan build. You’ve got a fair bit of etch there, should turn out to a great build. Need to get cracking soon as you may run out of time to have it complete by the end of July or be working on it into the small hours Admin https: Need to get cracking soon as you may run out of time to have it complete by the end of July or be working on it into the small hours. CaptnBirdseye attached the following image s:. Forum Support Team https: Nice to see this one landing on your cutting mat.

Lnstructions this etch is very fiddley. I can see airffix for some people it might be a ‘marmite’ moment. I just need to remove the fitting lugs once the glue has dried.

Looks like some great progress being airfkx, looks great Percevier with the etch it will be worth it. Intakes look awsum Jase. Lovely work, and that etch brass is definitely worth the effort.


BAe (Avro) Vulcan B Mk2

Looks like you are having fun Instrictions looks great so far regards Phil P. Hi Gray You may find the following link to You-Tube to be of help the following vids could also be useful.

I generally find that clicking on the side vids can bring up other tutorials that are relevant too.

A nice start to your build Gray, looking good. If you want airgix join two parts which are perpendicular to each other, you could also just touch the edge of a bulkhead or suchlike into the mixed glue so that you get a thin bead along the edge of the part, and again clean away any excess whilst it is drying to leave a neat bead of glue. Once dried it is a very strong joint and can be strengthened by running a little thin CA glue along it with the edge of a scalpel blade using capillary action?

You can also solder brass etch together but then it can cause problems sometimes with warping of parts due to heat transfer.

The Unofficial Airfix Modellers’ Forum • View topic – Glossary Chat

Keep up the good work. Thanks for all your comments and tips. Much appreciated For today’s update, this might sound a bit harsh but There, i’ve said it now feeling much better. Its not the relative complexity, but a mixture of very poor instructions read almost non-existantbadly fitting parts and MASSES of remedial work on the parts themselves.

Compared to the etch from White Ensign, its like chalk and cheese!

Airfix Instruction Sheets

Needless to say the wheel bay set is getting binned. Hope i have a better experience with thier update set. Anyway, enough of the instructionz Bought myself a MasterTools etch bender really happy airvix that More updates later. Here’s pictures of the bad kit JPG kb downloaded 3 time s. You cannot post new topics in this forum. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

  BQT E5-500W PDF

You cannot edit your posts in this forum. You cannot create polls in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. NET This page was generated in 2. Need to get cracking soon as you may run out of time to have it complete by the end of July or be working on it into the small hours Hint taken Finally having all the pieces in place, i instructionw to make a start with the cockpit.

The supplied kit pieces are, well lets just say a little sparse, hence the etched cockpit.

Airfix 1/72 Vulcan

Here is tonight’s progress. CaptnBirdseye attached the following image s: Mark Thanks for looking in insttructions your comments guys.

I am having trouble with the etch. It’s way too brittle.

This stuff is quite expensive, but hopefully will cure my problem. It’s not as brittle and seems quite workable. I just need to find a way to butt joint at 90degrees now that retains it’s shape. In the mean time i will continue the build working around the etch. Further updates to follow Regards Gray Try usung pva glue instrctions jig your part. If the etch part is load bearing youcan always reinforce with ca afterwords Alternativly you try using ca gel i fing the ca gel from zapp very good If you show me phot of the problem part i am sure i can help.