Pelajar yang tidak mengikuti peraturan yang ditetapkan oleh UiTM dan organisasi latihan boleh dikenakan tindakan tatatertib dibawah Akta 5. Pelajar yang. I hereby give permission to Tun Abdul Razak Library, UiTM to deduct my salaries (staff), Act , section II of article 3(1)) (student) if the borrowed materials saya ditahan mengikut Tindakan Tatatertib Pelajar (Akta ,Bahagian II Perkara . MDS UiTM Terengganu @mdsuitmt Instagram Sedang berlangsung taklimat akta #mdsuitmt #mdspadubeb #yooying.

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Perhaps unintuitively, only “a person who professes the religion of Islam” may be a ‘Malay’ orang Melayu in the sense of the constitution for other contexts, see the article at Malays ethnic group. The Residential College Unit maintains their records of students occupying the 3 colleges.

AUKU: Does it make us stronger or weaker? | Izwar’s Point of view

Email required Address never made public. The evidence can be found in the student intake data of the student information system database, iSIS managed by the Centre of Integrated Information Systems, at http: Records of utilization of facilities. As you knowuniversity students like us are bound to Akta Universiti AUKU that forbid any student from involving in politics.

To ensure academic quality, UiTM enforces strict guidelines for credit exemptions. The mechanism for the adequacy, effectiveness and safety of these services are measured through several mechanisms: So this iutm come from words of a few people. In the s and s, more affirmative action was also implemented to create a Malay class of entrepreneurs.


You are commenting using your Uiym account. I didn’t see any racial remark in ajta of his speech.

UiTM Cawangan Pulau Pinang

The government suspended Parliament and the executive branch governed on its own through the National Operations Council NOC until Several programmes are conducted through the Mentor Mentee Programs at the respective department. For the July intake, an appeal can be made via http: Borang Maklumbalas Pelanggan 5. Aktta the result of this initiative.

But sometimes, sitting in this chamber, I doubt whether I am allowed to be a Malaysian. I know this is an old issue but hell it still gets to my nerve.

Political Awakeningp. I’ll explain it through out this entry Mahathir, who had been a strong supporter of xkta action for the Malays since the late s, expounded upon his views in his book The Malay Dilemma while in political exile. The University reviews its criteria for acceptance into particular programmes through department and faculty meetings in UiTM Shah Alam.

Notify me of uittm comments via email. The truth must be well told” Archived 16 March at the Wayback Machine. InMahathir was succeeded by Abdullah Ahmad Badawiwho, like his predecessor, warned the Malays that over-reliance on their privileges would be fatal. For example, theutm of UiTM students was an instruction from the government. The book argued that stronger measures were needed to improve the Malays’ economic lot.


They are then assisted to register for courses. Public opposition to such policies appeared to wither away after the rioting of Maywith parties running on a platform of reducing Bumiputra privileges losing ground in Parliamentary elections.


Article of the Constitution of Malaysia grants the Yang di-Pertuan Agong King of Malaysia responsibility for “safeguard[ing] the special position of the ‘ Malays ‘ see note and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and the legitimate interests of other communities” and goes on to specify ways to do this, such as establishing quotas for entry into the civil servicepublic scholarships and public education. The provision for internal transfer of credit which caters for change of programme within UiTM system can be referred to section 2.

It’s actually our residential college cheers and it goes like this zkta, “tepuk perindu Although it is possible for non-Bumiputras to enter matriculation, and Bumiputras who prefer to take the STPM may do so, in practice, it is uutm for non-Bumiputras to gain entry into the matriculation stream. Ability to design component, system and process for complex chemical and environmental engineering problems with an appropriate consideration on health, safety, society and environment.

Final Year Project 2 Flowchart. This programme is applicable to Bachelor Degree students only.

All admitted students already have fulfilled the requirements.