The re-release of Allan Sekula’s seminal book critiquing the bond between capitalism and representations of material culture. Photography has. Ohio Arts Council. ERRATA Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Page For Read Sekula, Allan Photography against the grain x, line 29 an overt a covert. Photography against the grain: essays and photo works, Front Cover. Allan Sekula. Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design,

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Would you have believed. Thus, in the first photo Jacqueline broods, drink in hand. There was a narrow stairway leading up to the upper deck of the steerage, a small deck right at the bow of the steamer.

The readers of this journal were mostly ama- teur pictorialist photographers. Sekula does not disrupt or correct the blindness; he re-enacts and reproduces it. Galella’s are the only photographs to appear in this particular issue of Photoplay without credit. Books by Allan Sekula. Stephen Heath, New York, This realism sought to brush traditional realism against the grain.

Seen as a monumental framing device, Camera Work can be dissected into a number of subordinate ploys: But it is impossi- ble to tell whether this is droll self-mockery or naive self- promotion, although it is probably the latter. One man on the Figure 2: Consider for the moment the establishment of a rudimentary discourse situation involving photographs.

The color of allna cover was inspired by a design by Perry Nes- bitt which used one of the graphics from School Is a Factory. Sally Stein was, in effect, a third editor of this book. And just as such a document is not free of barbarism, barbarism taints also the manner in which it was transmitted from one owner to another. An ideological division is made; Stieglitz pro- poses two worlds: You fit right into the best parking lots with a car like that.

Instead of the possible metonymic The Secret Servicemen couldn’t believe it the first time they saw me drive up in that car. Reading this text is like experiencing a super slow motion replay of those first few seconds in which you look at photographs and come to quick conclusions.


Photography Against the Grain: Essays and Photo Works, by Allan Sekula

If it weren’t so obvious and well documented, the stunning transformation of Jackie Onassis from a cold, haughty, with- drawn and unhappy woman into an outgoing, gutsy, adven- turous, high-spirited creature, would be absolutely incredible. With the next, his faith in democracy is restored: But suppose we imagine that this “downward glance” is in fact an “inward glance,” suggesting introspection, withdrawal in a public space.

I longed to escape from my sur- roundings and join these people. Perhaps this was of its time?

Allan Sekula – Photography Against the Grain

Behind the bar, having slipped a bill into the same bartender’s hand? Working as a freelance photographer and selling the bulk of one’s pictures to magazines like Photoplay and Modem Screen is probably a bit like owning a fast- food franchise: The oppositions between these two poles are as follows: Dismantling Modernism Reinventing Documentary.

The dramas of modernism are repeated with a new cast of characters; this time, as Marx remarked of the Second Empire, history repeats itself as farce.

Nothing could be more natural than a newspaper photo, or, a man pulling a snapshot from his wallet and saying, “This is my dog. Every pho- tographic image is a sign, above all, of someone’s investment in the 5 Photographic Meaning sending of a message.

The last photograph in the book is a masterpiece of self- vindication. The image of a celebrity is an institutional edifice, maintained and protected by armies of press agents, makeup artists, and bodyguards. And yet the overall context is reform; in a political sense, every one of Hine’s subjects is restored to the role of victim. Perhaps this is why Sekula saw around him so few models of progressive photo documentary and looked instead to experimental documentary film.

A number of people at Ohio State are to be thanked for their help in preparing material for this book: Account Options Sign in. Inthe Metropolitan Mu- seum of Art, New York, acquired this anonymous assem- blage and the photograph reproduced as Figure 9 below. At this “higher” level of meaning the photographs carry a transcendental significance, having been cut loose from the banalities of moment and place.


The squareness with which Gallagher takes his stance, both on the street and in the frame, suggests a triumph over his status as victim. Photographic “literacy” is learned. Quoted in Rudisill, p. The logic of human language is less evident than the logic of the factory.

Jeanette added it May 16, November,and another like A Madonna of the Tenements we can distin- guish the two connotations. Ladislav Matejka and I. On the third day I finally couldn’t stand it any longer.

Photography Against the Grain: Essays and Photo Works 1973–1983 by Allan Sekula

It comprises three American colour domestic snapshots from a day in a family history involving a man in military uniform, and a text of around three or four thousand words, in which Sekula itemises the typical interpretation that just about anyone would phorography of these images. The Plastic Disposition Interview.

Lewis Hine, Immigrants going down gangplank. No critical model can ignore the fact that interests contend in the real world.

Unlike many on the left and working in new media, Sekula did not negate the myths about photojournalism or protest. And as I was deciding, should I try to put down this seemingly new vision that held me — people, the common people, the feeling of ship and ocean and sky and the feeling of release that I was 13 Photographic Meaning away from the mob called the rich — Rembrandt came into my mind and I wondered would he have felt as I was feeling.

And now the faithful says to him- self “Since Photography gives us every guarantee of exacti- tude that we could desire they really believe that, the mad fools!