American Hero is a satirical conspiracy novel, reissued as Wag the Dog: A Novel in , written by Larry Beinhart. It speculates that Operation Desert. Impassioned in its anger, lethal in its aim, American Hero paints a scathing portrait of the strange place this country had become in the Reagan-Bush years– and. American Hero by Larry Beinhart – book cover, description, publication history.

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American Hero by Larry Beinhart – FictionDB

A new and total wholesomeness pervaded Hollywood’s America. Our leaders are men who put honor over expedience. I liked the movie so I had to read the book.

No amrican what your political beliefs, this is an engaging story. I was wary of the portrayal of the President and his administration because it was, after all, fiction. August Learn maerican and when to remove this template message. On his death bed, Lee Atwater devises a plan to secure president George H. I thought the film was brilliant. It speculates that Operation Desert Storm had been scripted and choreographed as a ploy to get Americsn H.

I was looking for an escapist novel, I suppose I admit that I saw the movie “Wag the Dog” first, and was originally expecting something similar.

Feb 02, Bicefalus rated it it beinhary amazing. Haven’t read this book yet but saw the movie and it’s actually NOT about dogs, but about a concept that is a bit scary to see played out. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Honestly I think I would have enjoyed it more if I were more into conspiracy theories.

What America needed–or Bush needed–or Beagle needed–was someone to invade America. I watched the movie ahead of it and loved it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She wants Joe to find him. Not that it should be anything less—that would destroy the whole story, but it wasn’t a fun read for me.


After a martial arts showdown, all parties agree to a truce, but at a film gig in Mexico, U. And so, open mind in hand, I began this excellent and well-researched excursion into an alternate reality. To achieve amercan no distinction is made among these elements. Views Read Edit View history.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Return to Book Page. Jan 24, Zach rated it liked it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The author asserts several times that the herro is a work of fiction, however, numerous footnotes would suggest that at least portions of it are based in fact, which leaves you to draw you own conclusions.

Larry Beinhart’s “American Hero” (David Louis Edelman)

It was beinart different, but wish that Bush and the politics of the Gulf War was a larger presence, and less about Joe and Maggie. Books by Larry Beinhart. The inspiration for the far weaker Hollywood film, Wag the Dog, Beinhart’s novel goes beyond mere americqn to present one of the most perceptive analyses ever of the politics of the National Security industry in the US, of how so-called threats come to be constructed, and how all of this turns around an exercise of pure imagination.

It was a really biased rant about the evil and corrupt political right with some intrigue thrown in.

American Hero is a satirical conspiracy novelreissued as Wag the Dog: Honestly, my favorite parts were the footnotes that Beinhart put amercan to show what was a recognized as a fact. It also has a lot to say about why Americans aren’t as happy about this sequel to the Gulf War–it’s gotten boring and we want to switch stations, but either we don’t know how any longer or we’ve lost control of the remote. It is a disquisition on the history of the first Iraq War, a critique of methodology, amefican wrapped in the form of a gripping and comic suspense novel.


She tells him that she was promised a part in a movie but the director disappeared. What I’m saying is, this gesture she does, leaning on my arm, slipping off her shoes, carrying them in one hand by their straps, it’s got grace, and I don’t know what else to call it but femininity–when I watch her do it, I’m seeing a scene from a movie. Those who would pull back the curtain. War is not partially a media event. Jul 13, N. Mar 05, Andrew rated it did not like it.

A president wouldn’t hire film directors to amerian him what to say and do. There were no demonstrations, no complaints, in nice America.

American Hero

Some were familiar to me, others amercian not. This book has loads of footnotes, which drove me crazy! And having survived was given responsibility for men who more often than not also survived.

The book formed the inspiration and basis for the film, Wag the Dog. While I am intrigued by the thought of this new material, I was not that unhappy with the ending of the novel.

As usual, some of my favorite insights from the book follow. As a politico, I loved how the movie specifically focused on the creation of the war, whereas the book keeps politics as a subtext albeit rather constant.

From the front matter: