indeed he might have been describing the author of Eros, the Bittersweet. Car- Carson traces the paradoxical nature of Eros from Sappho’s famous definition. Deadpan Sexy: Anne Carson’s “Eros the Bittersweet”. Austin Allen. 10 February, Anne Carson writes books that refuse to be just one thing. Autobiography. Eros the Bittersweet An Essay Anne Carson. Editions. Paperback. ISBN. pp. 6 x 9. Hardcover.

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As readable as Anne Carson usually is, anyway. And there’s actually a lot to connect to- like, when I go to the movies, why is it that the best moments in an eros-related story are the ones before they hook up, from the moment you realize it’s a possibility until when it actually happens or doesn’t happen- it almost doesn’t matter? Carson is a very good reader.

Eros the Bittersweet | Dalkey Archive Press

Instead of telling stories orally – a setting that allowed the listener and speaker a closeness with the words, because they shared them at the same time – there was this distance.

Gass’s On Being Blue.

Who is the real subject of most love “Infants begin to see by noticing the edges of things. But it was all very direct and readable. What makes this such a remarkable and pleasurable read is how deftly Carson moves through the logic of her argument and how wide-ranging she is in her ideas and interpretations.

As she smoothly moves you the reader through the book, you pass such simple but remarkable thoughts— the “sweetbitter” aspect of eros as sung by Sappho; the lover wanting that which is out of reach; of the role that time plays in eros and in literature; of readers wanting books to go on and on, a writing without finality; of bitterssweet lovers wanting to control time; of cicadas being pure desire, singing their lives away; of gardeners tending qnne to their gardens to mark time; of Eros giving wings to a lover, giving a breath of life; and of eros being a weaver of fiction, a work of the imagination, an attempt to reach out beyond one’s edges either to know or to understand or to simply love.

In one of her chapters Anne Carson writes, “Imagine a city where there is no desire.


Beginning with, “It was Sappho who first called eros ‘bittersweet. Nov 06, Saettare rated it it was amazing. Jun 02, Quiver rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 17, Jesse rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 21, Dawn rated it it was amazing. And what’s more, she intersperses comments that prod the reader and make them consider the issues not just in the context of ancient Greece but in their own lives not necessarily in an alternate, modern context, but as concepts to know and understand.

I really enjoyed this book!

This time she sent me back to my Plato and I went through a whole Plato phase rereading the Phaedrus, the Lysis and the Republic all over the course of the following week the Symposium is just around the corner on my syllabus.

No wonder such facile constructions flourish in the humanities departments of universities: This book, instead of being a guide, instead of being Beatrice, is Humbert Humbert mansplaining about obsessions only tangentially about love; mainly about obsessions from the classical world and riffs and plays on antecedent books about love and pain.

Open Preview See a Problem? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A working vehicle of transport and contemplation for those consumed by the psychology of loss and desire, both the bitter and the sweet parts of existing as a player in a romantic capacity. This is one of my favorite books by Anne Carson.

Eros the Bittersweet by Anne Carson

This book, bittetsweet a discussion of Sappho and other figures, proves a stunning, trans-textual analysis of variations on the constructions of amorous triangulation, whether that which is seen between three people entangled, viewers and lovers, or those triangulations created by either physical distance or prose via correspondence.

That is the most erotic thing about Eros. Carson always perches her work in the most precarious positions. So is a lover. What can we learn about romantic love by looking at ancient greek poetry?

Such a longing for love, rolling itself up under my heart, poured down much mist over my eyes, filching out of my chest the soft lungs– Carson’s analysis of this fragment crason mind-opening for those readers who appreciate close reading. Carson is also a classics scholar, the translator of If Not, Winter: Quite the contrary, she sees literacy as being bound up in the formulation of desire.


Eros the Bittersweet

The fact that eros operates by means of an analogous act of imagination will soon be seen to be carsoon most astounding thing about eros. It is a sublimely measured and controlled bit of literary theory, exploring why eros has been the motivating force of poets and writers since the beginning of recorded literature.

Words do have edges. One of the best non-fiction books I have read in a long time. Lurking here is also the cagson and by no means self-evident premise that is “culture”. I would add that if anyone is actually going to write about Heraclitus, as I would like to have happen, Anne Carson is the person to do it. Return to Book Page. But there is nothing inappropriate here.

By passionately wanting it not to be. Bitterswdet quirky sensibility and wry sense of humor comes across in each of the mini-chapters that make up this delicious little read, but here, unlike in some of her more seemingly frivolous poetry, she prioritized the startling observation that is always inevitably rooted in her accomplished training and experience as classicist.

If you’ve ever wondered if your lover was playing a “game,” read this book to understand the impossibility and awesome responsibility for wanting what you want, denying it so you can eventually enjoy it, and where honesty truly lies. Bitteesweet are not a god. I can only read it as a void, a gaping hole in myself, knowing that I will never make something so perfect.

One wonders what exactly they are holding in their hand: So, of course, she’s going to pay close attention to the letters! An Essay Anne Carson No preview available – So too the wooer stands at the edge of his value as a person and asserts a claim across the boundaries of another.

There is something like an electrification in them. And it is only, suddenly, at the moment when I would dissolve that boundary, I realize I “Eros is an issue of boundaries.