Appendix B: State Disaster Management and Relief Committee . definition of disaster under National Security Council (MKN) No covers any incident. MKN Arahan No. 20 (NSC Directive No. 20). Tuesday, March 20, Notes No comments. MKN Arahan No. 20 (NSC Directive No. 20) Download here. 20 (Majlis Keselamatan Negara Arahan No. 20) MKN 20 came into force on 11 May following its approval by YAB Prime Minister of.

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To assure that search and rescue exercises are carried out from time to time by the relevant agencies. Haze which can cause a critical situation to the environment, threatening public harmony, government administration and economic activities of the state. Government agencies, statutory bodies and private sectors are requested to give their cooperation and logical assistance of tool and equipment etc.

Director of State Geological Survey Department.

MKN – Majlis Keselamatan Negara

Issuing statements on the latest developments of search and rescue works to the mass media. Bilakah arahan ini diwujudkan dan adahan tujuannya? Bagi memperkemas dan memperluaskan skop bencana alam. The form of the accident or incident has no possibility of spreading.

Mayor may invoke National Security Council Directive

District Social Welfare Officer. Officer of District Civil Defense Corporation. Tanggungjawab terhadap jawatankuasa-jawatankuasa ini dijalankan oleh sepuluh bahagian yang ditubuhkan di bawah MKN. The existence of a Disaster Management and Kkn policy will help all sectors involved to carry out their mission with more orderly and coordinated, thus avoiding any waste of energy and time, confusion, conflict and contradiction or conflict of interest while working in a disaster. BKN and related agencies are responsible in creating their own training courses of planning and performing if necessary.

To search and rescue victims in any disaster srahan need the help of special skill, expertise, tools and equipment.


For this purpose, Department of Civil Aviation will manage and handle all zones of aeroplane accident such as on the mountain, the air, in araban forest or at the sea when it is not an area with building and men inside other than the plane passengers and crews. To inform all decisions and development of actions taken by JPBBN on search and rescue operation and utilization of resources needed in emergency assistance to the disaster victims.

Besides that, it is also responsible to make sure that the relevant agencies is exposed to every aspect of development of training and management in handling the disaster.

Mengenai Penubuhan Majlis Keselamatan Negara. To coordinate all needs of disaster management and relief, such as deciding on logistical assistance and requisition of araha and machinery arrahan temporarily owned by the government agencies of private sectors.

National Security Division act as a secretariat to the disaster management and relief committee at all levels in managing the nkn disaster to ensure those committees be able to carry out their duty smoothly and effectively. Being more complex than Level I Disaster and difficult in aspect of search and rescue.

Any disaster incident at early stage should be manage by arahwn relevant agencies using the facilities and resources at District Level Management. My Aarahan called him to appreciate him and rest of my friends did too,Is a joy to me that I’m free of taking Pills and arahqn that fat belle is a nightmare. Yellow Zone covers an area surrounding arahzn Red Zone. Disaster management and control exercises involving all relevant agencies has to arhaan done from time to time to ensure the preparedness of the officers from those agencies in a real job in dealing with a disaster.

Air disasters especially those involving an aeroplane are generally handled by Department of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport. To prevent incident from being spread by fighting the fire, control any chemical leakage and other dangerous situation.


To ensure that telephone and telecommunication services, maintenance and control are not interrupted throughout the time when disaster management and search and rescue operation is being carried out. The declaration of disastrous area is issued according to administrative procedures and executives by the Honorable Prime Minister based on suggestion from the Central Disaster Control and Relief Committee.

To get an order, decision and advice from State Operation Director if necessary in the effort of handling the occurring disaster. Any statement related to policy matter should not be issued unless permitted by Disaster Management and Relief Committee. Tujuan arahan ini diwujudkan adalah untuk menggariskan dasar dan mekanisme mln bencana secara menyeluruh termasuk peranan dan tanggungjawab Agensi Kerajaan, badan berkanun, pihak swasta dan badan-badan sukarela meliputi peringkat sebelum, semasa dan selepas berlaku sesuatu bencana supaya pengemblengan sumber dapat disepadukan bagi mengelakkan pembaziran, konflik serta pertindihan peranan.

I thank him so much so i will advise if you are suffering from one of those diseases Pls do contact him he’s a nice man.

Mekanisme ini akan menyediakan MKN dengan kapasiti yang efektif bagi menangani apa jua isu berkaitan keselamatan daripada peringkat akar umbi. Penempatan pos-pos dan akses masuk ke zon ini perlu terlebih dahulu mendapat kebenaran daripada Komander Operasi Bencana.

To implement the policy and strategy of National Disaster Management in handling any disaster at state level. To supply with electricity through a mobile generator temporarily during search and rescue operation.

Honorable Minister appointed by Prime Minister. Jesus Mckinney 14 October at To get expertise assistance from local authority or foreign country to help in managing a disaster.