Arqueología de la violencia – Pierre Clastres. Uploadé par Clastres, Pierre. .. El descontento del Dios – Ensayo sobre la desnaturalización – L´Hereux . Arqueologia da Violência (compilado de artigos) – Pierre Clastres. Show Clastres%2c+pierre+arqueologia+da+violencia+pesquisas+de+. Groups. 10 nov. Transcript of ARQUEOLOGIA DA VIOLÊNCIA. Arqueologia da Violência Pierre Clastres ( ) Publicações: Crônica.

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Mustafa Al-Laylah rated it really liked it Jul 09, ILikeEarlyKyary rated it it was amazing Nov 18, True egalitarianism, Clastres posits, can only be found in so-called primitive societies, where even the chiefs do not have power to rule but can only advise as the society already wishes. For me that one had more and hung together more, though it might just be that I came to it 1st.


Be the first to ask a question about Archeology of Violence. Jan 30, Joel rated it really biolncia it Shelves: The world is ugly!

No trivia or quizzes yet. He considered the consequent rise of the state to be due to the power disparaties that arise when religion credits a prophet or other medium with a direct knowledge of divine power which is unattainable by the bulk of society.

Arqueologia da Violência (compilado de artigos) – Pierre Clastres

Thus, in the Guayaki tribes, the leader has only a representational role, being his people’s spokesperson towards other tribes “international relations”. Lists with This Book. Paperbackpages.

Sometimes the ideas get a little repetitive, but overall there is enough freshness in each essay that they are able to captivate you. The message is basically that “primitive societies” were not underdeveloped along the path is argued to inevitably lead to the state-form, but that they consciously choose to violncka in its very being and mythology p Without this book the idea of the war-machine or ‘Introduction to Civil War’ wouldn’t have been possible.


Essays in Political Anthropology.

Archeology of Violence

Scotty rated it really liked it Jun 28, Lucas Fonseca adqueologia it really liked it Jan 26, Some people regard him as giving scientific validity to certain anarchist perspectives. Gostei bastante de alguns, e outros nem tanto. Now I might not always agree with Clastre’s anarchist leanings, but he is such an interesting read as academic books go and violnciz is co-guilty of enticing me into choosing social anthropology as a discipline.

Preview — Archeology of Violence by Pierre Clastres. Dec 27, Siggi added it.

Knowledge of power is innate in any society, thus the natural state for humans wanting to preserve autonomy is a society structured by a complex set of customs which actively avert the rise of despotic power. I am led from a boast to another boast, From a feat to arqueologa feat. Since I am reading political anthropology to get a clearer anarchist view on the development of state and other institutionalized hierarchy I know that Clastres is a pioneer and important, and quite readable also.

He is best known for his fieldwork among the Guayaki in Paraguay and his theory on stateless societies. The message is basically that “primitive societies” were not underdeveloped along the path is arqueolohia to inevitably lead to the state-form, but that they consciously choose to develop in its claastres being and mythology practices that ward off the formation and power of the state as political power or power separated from the social body in general. With some comparative notes on societies that do neither.


There is a continual breaking off, breaking away, insuring the existence of multiple worlds outside of the tribe, killing off of warriors who would assume power by obligating them seek prestige to the point of death, killing off of chiefs who would assume power over the tribe or lead them in combat, etc etc.

For another they are wedded to death. Some literature to continue on this path: Clastres main premise here is that war is not just a part of these primitive societies, it is inseparable from their existence.

Archeology of Violence by Pierre Clastres

I have for a long time wanted to dive into the anarchist anthropology of Pierre Clastres. Marianna Borges rated it it was amazing Jul 14, In fact, according to Clastres, the reason why these societies constantly wage was is exactly to ward of the sovereign.

And their absolutely pessimistic description of the world was met with the general acceptance of the Indians who listened violnia them. One can see how this does not fit nicely into any existing position in the above mentioned debate. He begins by undoing old answers to the question, why war?

Jan 10, Bryn Hammond rated it really liked it Shelves: