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The Golden Hour was sold essentially unchanged for 41 years starting in December of The second part is about ear intricacies and how you hear.

Later, reprints of the article and glossy photos were used by the sales department for advertising the RM The Audio Voice Newsletter. A great tube-based amplifier for phono and line sources, featuring a very subtle bass enhancement control using negative feedback to enhance only selected frequencies, below Hz.

September 2, by Tadaatsu Atarashi. The design allows greater coherence and smooth response for the system.

Various listening techniques are discussed including listener bias as a factor in audkoxpress results. Welcome to Hificollective, to create an account please register here.

September 13, by Bob McIntyre. I also describe the history of Jefferson Audioxpreds and all the other clocks that they made over the years.

All items in category Project Articles. Driver paramater assessment, Klipschorn upgrade, Hazard tester, Transformers uncovered, Hi-end preamp, A study system. Twenty 4-inch drivers provide high power handling and by putting them in the same long vertical column, outstanding coherence is heard.

When the changes became too much to manage, the whole thing had to be typed all over to make any sense out of it. A power indicator light is at the bottom center. The results were so good that I decided to market the system with a professionally made cabinet and grille assembly and include a custom made equalizer.


A history of radium and the paint manufacture is included with measurements of several radioactive sources. Skip to main content. Hificollective uses cookies to give you the best online experiences.

AudioXpress (Vol.38 Issue.01) January 2007 Issue

This circuit enables the full galvanic isolation of sound frequency signals with optical transmission in excellent quality, eliminating interference. It works just as good today as it did back in InKirk Elliott shared his take on the design, transforming the stock Champ into a quieter, safer, and more reliable studio amplifier.

I supplied the photos of the various cabinet construction steps and the crossover construction. Etalage and Rex Cole Mystery Clocks. Serving enthusiasts, audiophiles and industry professionals through publishing periodicals, directories and books. Your basket has been updated, what would you like to do now?

Items about: Project Articles – p 7 | audioXpress

Watch and clock dials were very common back then but the dial painters suffered from ingesting the radioactive paint from the required process of lip-pointing. The Dutch Secret may be the clock that inspired the president of Jefferson Electric to create the first of their clocks, the Golden Hour. A simple transistor circuit and lamp are connected at the power amplifier output.

There are safety devices in the ear but they can be overridden to cause hearing damage. August 31, by Bill Reeve. July 26, by Robert Nance Dee. The patent was awarded to Leendert Prins, Bilthoven, Netherlands, in It was literally cut and paste portions of the manuscript and adding or crossing out sections.

Jfet line amp, minimal amp design, current source xover filters, simple audio system, Hi-end preamp, MTM spk kit review. The picture at the right is the RM-2 system.

A pot with 64 levels and precision metal film resistors that is hard to beat for sound or facility, as he describes it. Welcome to Hificollective, to create an account please register here x. Several iron cores were exceptionally good, even up to watts, and a few were bad, even at 15 watts. This circuit measures error relative to the target bias current and error relative to a balanced condition in the push-pull pair.

  FLUKE 9040 PDF

DC balance controls allow adjustment so the lamps just extinguish when there’s no input signal. This article describes how to measure coil distortion as well as conduct an effective listening test. The center coil in the picture is an air core coil I used for comparison and acted as a double check on my test equipment.

Accurately setting the bias level for push-pull output stages is important to maximize amplifier performance and tube life. Here is a simple portable device from George Ntanavaras that can help answer the question about peak voltage and peak current requirements and whether or not your power amplifier is capable of driving your loudspeaker without clipping.

In this classical tube amplifier project, author Bob McIntyre offers what is effectively the foundation for many designs that we can find currently in the market.

Julian Hirsch even wrote a brief review at the end of the article ” This article was originally published in audiox;ress, April I added a description for a single channel compressor-expander as well.

I received payment again for this article. By switching the photocell in series or in shunt with a voltage divider, the device will expand or compress the audio signals. There were no computers and no word processing programs. They are brand new replacements with the correct color caps. The DC balance controls are in the center and the fuse and line cord are at the left. Kit includes 4 bulbs and 4 new filter caps they are GM factory color.