THE TELEPHONES. ♢ DATA jack – For connecting a device such as a modem to your telephone. This jack is labeled. ♢ Handset Parking tab -. time of printing, Avaya can assume no responsibility for any NOTE: The and telephones are designed for use with a DEFINITY®, PARTNER®. Avaya – corded phone overview and full product specs on CNET.

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Allows you to “queue” for a busy number. When the number you want is free, your telephone will signal you afaya three triple bursts of ringing.

If you wish to cancel the auto call back feature before your phone has rung back, dial 5. When forwarding to another on-campus number, your phone calls will route to your voice mail box if unanswered at the forwarded number. If you wish to call forward your KU phone number to a local off-campus number such avvaya your cell phone:.

Allows you to answer a aavya ringing in on another telephone number in your office from your own telephone set you must first identify to Information Technology which telephone numbers should be in your call pick up group.

Allows you to make a three-party call. Allows use of Transfer and Conference calling features.

To raise the volume of the handset or speakerphone, whichever is active, use the volume control button located directly above the “flash” button. Press the top half of the volume control button with the up arrow to increase the volume. Press the bottom half of the volume control button with the down arrow avayx decrease the volume.


Flashes when there are J-Talk messages.

Avaya Single Line Phone () – New Bulk | eBay

Lamp is extinguished automatically when messages are retrieved. MUTE button blocks all sound from your side of the conversation while allowing caller to continue speaking. Redials the last number dialed up to 32 digits. To select from the two ringing patterns for your telephone, locate the symbol of two bells printed on the top edge of your 621.

Slide the switch underneath the symbols to the left or the right, avqya which of the two ringer patterns you desire. The ringer volume control is located on the right hand side of the telephone. To raise the volume of the ringer, slide the ringer volume control upwards; to lower the volume of the ringer, slide the ringer volume control downwards.

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Stops incoming calls from ringing on your telephone set and routes calls to your Jtalk voice mailbox or to a pre- programmed coverage path. Wait for dial tone:. Instead of using your handset, you may use the SPKR button to place your call. The speakerphone volume control is the button just above the flash button. Push the up avayx to increase the volume, and the down arrow to decrease. After your call is through, press the SPKR button to disconnect call. Allows you to transfer any call to another on-campus number.


Comments or ideas on how we can serve you better? Send us your feedback! Skip to main content. Hear busy signal when dialing number Tap switch hook. Redial campus number you are trying. Listen for confirmation tone.

Wait for three triple bursts of ringing, pick up handset. To activate Call Forwarding to another on-campus number: Get dial tone on the phone number to be forwarded. Hear conformation tone three beeps.

Avaya 6221 Single Line Telephone (700287758)

avaaya To deactivate Call Forwarding: Get dial tone on the number to be unforwarded. If you wish to call forward your KU phone number to a local off-campus number such as your cell phone: Get dial tone on the number to be forwarded.

Establish call to first party. Wait for dial tone: Send All Calls Activate: Send All Calls Deactivate: Dial second party You may hang up as soon as call begins ringing. If you wish to announce the call, wait for call to be answered, explain you are transferring call and then hang up.

Lawrence Campus Edwards Campus Phone support itcsc ku. Submit Help Ticket Online Help.