Awramba is a community found in South Gonder Zone of Amhara State, Ethiopia, 68 km from Bahir Dar. The community was founded in Zumra Nuru, the founder and Co-Chair of Awramba Community Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 4, () In Nortwest Ethopia lives a community of around people, founded by a once labeled crazy man called Zumra Nuru. Nuru never had any.

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The article can be reprinted in full or in part elsewhere but only by giving full credit to Ezega. They both spent the whole commynity in the farm but when they came back home it was time for my father to rest but never for my mother. Reception committee is responsible to welcome and comfort our guests and visitors.

Most of these values and principles are the outcome of cultural transformation. Trust, harmony, mutual respect, peaceful co-existence, development, social justice are the conducts expected to be displayed by every member of the community in their day to day activity.

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The community was founded in and live within a place circumscribed by chain of mountains and hills. When he turned 4 years old, he started questioning about the behavior of human beings. The third issue I have is, all too often, the less fortunate and the old do not have anyone to take care of them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Ethiopia: A Community With Extraordinary Principles –

I wanted peace and love among all human beings. In addition, using three grinding mills provided the Regional Micro and Small Scale Enterprise Development Agency, they offer milling service to neighbouring farmers.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 4, Ezega. I believe little by little people are listening to what we are saying. I grew up in Esti Woreda in Gonder.

Ethiopia: A Community With Extraordinary Principles

The Awrambas have their own schooling system. Nowadays, the place has become a tourist magnet. This offended his Muslim family, including his mother.

Unlike most of the communties in Ethiopia, the Awramba community is not ethnic based. The Awrambas have their own consititution co,munity which everyone abides to.

The community members are few in number. They also engage in weaving and spinning for their clothing needs.

Zumra also used to advocate that human beings have the power to get rid of vices like lying, cheating The village’s success has made it a subject of numerous studies. If reprinted on a website, we ask that you place this active link: According to the written rule and regulations of the community, all human beings are treated and respected equally regardless of sex, race and ethnicity, religion. When he turned 13 he was thrown awranba of his family house.

Okay, We have development committee which consults the community to be more productive and effective. The elimination of all gender based discrimination is, therefore, within the basic cultural principle of the community.


Awramba Ethiopia

Awra Amba is an Ethiopian intentional community of about people, located 73 kilometres east of Bahir Dar in the Fogera woreda of Debub Gondar Zone. Currently, the community has members in households, living over 17 heactars of land.

Students starts their classes by vowing never to commit sins like lying, cheating, swearing I knew that we as people were doing something to others that we would hate if it happened to us. Read an interview with the photographer about this story and more. They think that this segment of the society should be treated equally with great communuty and should get supported by the working groups.

He observed the unfairness on gender inequality, maltreatment of the elderly, labor exploitation, cruel punishment of children, and dishonest dealings among people. Some of them are assisting us and others are working on their own. I am very pleased to have you for my interview, would you please introduce yourself, where were you born and where did you grow up?