Projects · Contact Us. You are here: Home / Products / Electrical Products / Wiring Devices / Axolute – Eteris. Back. Bticino. Wiring Devices. AXOLUTE ETERIS FRAME WHITE «Back. BAR Code: SKU Code: BT_HWHD. User Code: HWHD. Warranty: 2 years. Cover plate. eXCellent dediCated installation sYstem. neW specific components: axolute etèris can be used to install all the modular aXolUte devices listed in the catalogue.

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Energy saving switch It works like a normal switch allowing manual switching on and off of the managed load but it can also switch the light off automatically if it is left on. With the new BTicino reading lamp you decide where to light.

Items treated in detail, then, and they can surprise sophistication and innovation, from the machining of the plate, forged in one piece, which does not allow room for inaccuracies.

ib2Nordic: New Axolute Etèris

For the first time, also, the command is no longer centered in the plate, but is placed asymmetrically within the profile: Website uses cookies that enable anonymous tracking of information. Axolute Air Minimum thickness: Axolute guarantees technological solutions for each specific need, dressing them with its unique and original style. Dual-choice format, designed to accommodate all types of devices and interfaces. This innovative flush-mounted lamp can be turned by degrees, allowing you to light where you effectively need.

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Air catalogue 2,00 MB. Dimmer reading lamp The ideal light for relaxation. Ideal in refurbishment, to add new controls and functions without wall disruption, or in new systems where the wireless control is required. These cookies are anonymous and do not allow the tracking of specific identified user. You can always change eterid cookie settings by clicking the link in the footer of this page.

Axolute is installed in the normal flush mounted and wall mounted boxes by means of the supporting frames. Go to the configurator. Controls with traditional technology For traditional systems, with simple and not digital functions. The Building Automation solution for large service sector complexes when Konnex standard is a project requirement. Eteriis projection of only 2.

Vai a Toggle navigation. A new design concept, which adds an aesthetic language the unprecedented technological research that has always characterized Bticino.

Controls with MyHome bus technology The flexibility offered by MyHome home automation extends from acolute residential to the service sector with specific solutions also for hotels.

Three shiny finishes of the keys In the colours: A touch of design to your home’s lighting.

The excellence of design and technology. Controls with Konnex technology The Building Aaxolute solution for large service sector complexes when Konnex standard is a project requirement.

Axolute: cover plates, dimmer, electrical sockets and other functions

Online store by Shopamine. New removable torch Modern and technological, the new pull-out torch guarantees all the security you need when there is a black-out. Cover plate for Touch Screen and Video Display white. Three different colors for commands and plates: Modern and technological, the new pull-out torch guarantees all the security you need when there is a black-out.


On top info comfort-el.

wiring accessories – bticino Axolute eteris

Axolute Catalogue 27,00 MB. Sweet click controls The electronic control which creates the perception of a digital device even in the traditional system. The smaller of two modules, ensures perfect mimesis with the wall and a free module composition, horizontally and vertically to meet all requirements and architectural design.

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Functional and Performance These analytics cookies allow us to improve the site’s functionality by anonymously tracking usage. The refinement of the finishes and the attention to detail of Axolute, both inside the home and outside. Axolute White, Tech or Anthracite. It is possible to create: Customisations Various types of customisation are available to order.

Instruction sheets Technical sheet Cerca. Pad printing Logos or symbols in one qxolute more colours can be affixed on all the cover plates.