Since the publication of her first book, The Sole Spokesman, in , Ayesha Jalal has been Pakistan’s leading historian. Educated at. The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, Muslim League And Demand For Pakistan ( Cambridge South Asian Studies) Cambridge Studies By Ayesha Jalal Online. Thomas R. Metcalf; ayesha jalal. The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League, and the Demand for Pakistan. (Cambridge South Asian.

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Thank you Ali Osman Qasmi and Ayesha Jalal for this beautiful, intellect and thought provoking conversation.

Zafar Abbas rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Don’t forget that Quaid wasn’t in favour of the partition until the last moment. The prognosis of the subaltern school yhe very good but their actual work showed very poor results. What is the use of talking about pros and cons of partition when its already done with?

The rise of Muslim league along with strong support of Jinnah. The other part is every persons excuse to present their wants as the vision of the Quaid. There is a real alliance between the Western paradigm and these people. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Yet given the political geography of the subcontinent it was clear that there would always be as many Muslims outside a specifically Muslim state as inside it. In a sense, it is still an incomplete story.

The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League, and the Demand for Pakistan

In the case of The Sole Spokesmanmy question was how did a Pakistan come about which satisfied the interests of its main constituents so poorly? If Jinnah wanted a Pakistan, then he would have allowed this, but he did not allow this because he wanted to ensure that Muslims from those provinces where they were in a minority also got something. He operated within the context of Muslims in India being a [religious] category, even though they were not united or organised.


Mariam Saifullah rated it it was ok Jun 06, The sooner one withdraws their heads buried in sand the greater the learning. Jul 03, Anish Sharma rated it it was amazing. Amjad USA Apr 12, That is a fact.

Actually nobody ever could know himself or herself that what they could do in such situations like partition. You have mentioned how Islam and our understanding of it have been created through an interface of Islam and modernity or Islam and liberalism. Kau Apr 16, I have never taught a course on Pakistan specifically, yet there was a sense [of curiosity] about my nationality rather than what I did.

Ayesha Jalal – Wikipedia

What has ayesga your experience as a Pakistani woman working in American universities? This is too long. People’s history can be written when you have some broad agreement on the narrative of your history.

Ravian Apr 13, The Struggle for Pakistan by Ayesha Jalal”. Sign In Forgot password?

The Sole Spokesman: Jinnah, the Muslim League, and the Demand for Pakistan by Ayesha Jalal

No use analyzing the past but lets work to see how we can live like decent neighbours where one does not interfere in others affairs and develop friendship and build our common cultures. All nations soverign and independent but agreeing to abide by common agreements on trade, economics etc. Shariq and yet you maintained enough interest to post a comment A leading historian of Pakistan as well as South Asia, Jalal has received numerous awards and acknowledgements including the Prize Fellowship from Trinity College —84[ citation needed ] the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship [8] and the Sitara-i-Imtiazone of Pakistan’s highest civilian awards, in Alas his visions are sabotaged by the successors, what a pity.


He was one part of a team of visionaries.

The Sole Spokesman has become a kind of academic orthodoxy – even if you don’t agree with it, you have to look at it. I’m going to give it another try in a few months and see if I feel any different.

JA-Australia Apr 16, Hindus fear that rising Muslim population may hamper their majority while Muslims feared rising Hindu population would hamper their well being.

Monumental work of history. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. Some folks may not agree with the arguments made in the book as its, at times, miles apart to the official versions taught to us again and again.

In a follow-up book, Self and SovereigntyJalal meticulously worked through colonial archives and multiple other sources to trace the origins and shaping of the Muslim community and its identity in British India. What we call Sharia is Anglo-Muhammadan Law. And he wanted to do much more.

The Hindus and Muslims belong to two different religious The truth is also that Muslim community wanted India be handed to Muslims to rule and plunder once again.