Tiernan, Cate. Balefire: A Chalice of Wind. Penguin Razorbill, Biograpy of the Author. Cate Tiernan was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in July Book One: A Chalice of Wind Book Two: A Cirele of Ashes Book Three: A Feather of Stone Book Four: A Necklace of Water NGF INE. BOOK ONE A CAE OF. A Chalice of Wind is the 1st book in the Balefire series. A Chalice of Wind was first published on August 18,

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A Chalice of Wind. She believes that New Orleans is an interesting city with a vibrant culture that has had a deep effect on her. Instead of selling lemonade as a child, she sold voodoo supplies such as gris-gris and wax dolls.

As she puts it, “They looked like her enemies. Accordingly, New Orleans has an atmosphere of accepting the strange attitudes of its denizens.

For a while she attended school in New York and got a job in publishing. This is when she started writing. She enjoyed her time in New York because of all there is to do and see, but she started to feel tired. After eight years, she and her husband moved back to New Orleans for five years. While in New Orleans, she had two daughters. og

teenbookguides / Balefire: A Chalice of Wind, Book 1

wknd Feeling that she wanted to live somewhere safe, she moved to Durham, North Carolina, where she currently resides with her two daughters and several cats. She is the author of about close to 20 books for young adults. Most of her books deal with the occult and witchcraft, eventhough she is not a witch.

Thais Allard and Clio Martin are two female twins that are separated at birth. Thais Allard lives in Welsford, Connecticut with her father who dies suddenly in a tragic accident.

In a twist of fate, a civil court grants custody of her to a “family friend,” Axelle Valefire, whom she has never met, until now. Sadly, Thais leaves with Axelle for her new home in New Orleans, leaving everything that she has ever known behind. On the first day of school, seventeen year old Thais finds out that she has a twin who attends the same school!


A Chalice of Wind (Balefire, book 1) by Cate Tiernan

Clio Martin is shocked to see that she has a twin. She is very close to her grandmother with whom she lives with. Her grandmother has been training her in the ways of witchcraft, magic, and other secrets; surely she would’ve said something to her before now?

Thais soon learns that magic is in her blood. She and her twin sister chqlice separated at birth because magical twins are both extremely powerful and feared.

A Chalice of Wind

The coven of witches that Axelle belongs to, the Treize, wants them to wield their combined magical powers for their own ends. This magical rite will forever transform their lives, and that of the coven. Each chapter holds a sense of mystery and uneasiness.

The action builds toward a tantalizing twist that will leave readers eager for future books in the Balefire series. This won’t sit on the shelf long. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a twin or some kind of power that made you different from the rest?

What would that be like? Well for Thais Allard and Clio Martin, this is now their reality. Both never knew that the other existed until now. In a twist of fate, Thais is sent from Welsford, Connecticut to New Orleans, Louisiana to live with a family friend after her dad tragically dies in an accident. It just so happens that her unknown twin sister, Clio lives there and they both literally run into each other on the first day of high school.

Both are shocked at the revelation that the other exists and that they are twins. Clio was trained in the ways of magic and witchcraft by her grandmother, so the whole magical power issue was not a problem.

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As for poor Thais, not only did she find out that she has a twin, but that magic iwnd witchcraft is in her blood. No sooner than they meet, they find out that wiind are being pursued iwnd a coven of witches intent on using their combined magical powers to their own ends. What should they do? Is everything really as it seems, or is there more to this story? If you want to find out, you have to read the book, Balefire: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.


To edit this page, request access to the workspace. Review Sources for the Book “They are the most fully developed characters, but even secondary characters are given depth Themes Found in the Book Family and relationships.

Death of a parent. Witchcraft and the occult. Genre Specification for the Book Teen fiction. Booktalk Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a twin or some kind of power that made you different from the rest?

Do you think Clio’s “jealousy” for having to now share her grandmother with Thais is justified? What would you chalicee if you lost your father and were put in the custody of a wijd friend” that you have never met?

Should Thais have stayed to find out if her father’s tragic death was really an accident? Should she go back to find out now that she knows that magic is real? Does q think that this may all be too coincidental? A Chalice of Wind, Book 1. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. Pages Images and files. Insert a link to a new page. No images or files uploaded yet.

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