Barrowmaze Complete for 5e is a classic, old-school fantasy megadungeon updated for 5th Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying. Barrowmaze Complete was written by Greg Gillespie, and published after a successful crowd-funding campaign. It is a consolidation of Greg’s previously. Hello This is more of an PSA than anything. Basicly, if you follow the OSR movement a bit, you might have stumbled on Questing Beast, a guy.

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If all goes as planned we may even be able to deliver the project a little sooner. You will receive a code for the at-cost print and shipping costs from rpgnow.

Barrowmaze: HighFell – The Drifting Dungeon by Greg Gillespie — Kickstarter

The cover and page compplete represent the style you can expect with HighFell: This new megadungeon adventure is designed to support a medieval fantasy campaign lasting months and years. When 5E entered its playtesting phase, he was among the first wave of people to adopt and master the new system.

I estimate the final draft to be between pages and complege encounter areas. I love old-school games! CheckHidden Treasures? The first two are detailed in a page or two each, whereas Helix is very detailed – at least eight pages of text description – and includes a village map with numbered locations.

I have an excellent reputation across the interwebs for value-added projects. Kickstarter is not a store.

The Project

Purchasing the Digital product gets you the entire book, plus black-and-white and blue-and-white maps of Barrowmaze in separate, one-page PDF files. CheckTerrifying Monsters? There are frequent calls for excavation, or smashing through bricked up walls, to reach the hidden room beyond; much of barrowmazr treasure is interred in burial catacombs niches carved into the walls, which require careful searching. Erol has already agreed to illustrate the cover for HighFell.


These values are very important to me and find expression in my design and aesthetics. The PDFs and the printed book will be here in just a few short months!

Barrowmaze Complete for 5e – Rogue Comet

Forbidden Caverns, my follow-up project, was pages, PDF poster maps will be done in both black and Old School blue. Ygg and many othersare laid out. No matter what problems occur we compllete always keep our backers and supporters informed of any issues that arise so you will be aware of compldte situation and how we brarowmaze be handling it.

We will ensure the colors and aesthetic chosen compliment Barrrowmaze and The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia so they will all look super swank on your shelf. A millenia ago, black wizards founded the keep as a school of eldritch wizardry atop a remote mountain called the Dwimmerhorn. Always a good idea for players entering Barrowmaze! Questions about this project? Barrowmaze Complete for 5e PDF set.

The three settlements are Bogtown villageIronguard Motte town barrrowmaze castleand Helix village. HighFell pulled away from the mountain and now slowly drifts – and occasionally phases in and out of place – over the Great Steppe of The Northern Reaches.


Damien has earned a reputation for creating adventures that offer both memorable stories and satisfying combat encounters. Ships to Anywhere in the world. Are you brave or foolish enough to enter the Barrowmaze? Artwork is abundant and well-placed, picturing dozens of evocative scenes and situations.

Barrowmaze Complete for 5e

Note that you will need to pay print and shipping costs when you choose to get the print book. The megadungeon content includes:.

Together with a hoard of helpers and supporters we strive to create fantastic products for everyone! My name is Dr. HighFell will support low-level to high-level play. Learn more about accountability. Paul Oklesh — Paul is a relative newcomer to RPGs, having only been involved in the hobby for 3 years.

Hardcovers and PDFs of all three Megadungeons, plus I will work with you to create a new monster and place it in the adventure. Similar to past projects for Labyringth Lord Rules, every monster in the monster section will have its own illustration. There’s more to come! In my opinion, crafting an OSR badrowmaze is about much more than creating an adventure.

Indeed, Barrowmaze is nearly a textbook example of how to make a compelling, well-presented dungeon module.