Here’s a bunch of resources for the Battlestar Galactica RPG that I’ve come up me running BSG games (although we’re playing it as a variant of d20 modern. Battlestar Galactica RPG Resources. Just wanted to thank you for the materials you have posted as PDF here. (although we’re playing it as a. Battlestar Galactica Minatures Battlestar Galactica Models Contact Gaming Accessories Models Other Science Fiction Minatures Star Fleet.

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Battlestar Galactica (D20)

I wonder why they don’t have laser Point Defense, except that the power generation and transfer arrays for such a system would need large radiators to keep the battllestar buildup tolerable. And on the other side, Colonial military vehicles … Here is a post with quick and dirty fleet-level combat rules for those that want a bit more structure to your big battles, and also an expanded set of rules to balactica more crunch to damage in space combat.

Basically I had the players build baftlestar that could exist in a futuristic society with a tech level much like our own, but with interstellar travel. They must be using a gravity or pure Reactionless drive to propell them through space. Join Date Feb Location undisclosed Posts 3, Better, perhaps, to play a game set in the BSG universe but not with Galactica and the fleet.

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No need to be fancy, just an overview. And what fleet would d200 complete without civilian vessels. Next session they plan to try and steal a ship from a local starport and try to get off the planet. Share 0 Comments Leave a Reply. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Some of the material is in the Battlestar RPG page.


Gina Inviere (D20) | Battlestar Galactica Fanon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Thanks for your reply, and your effort in French! Hope the campaign goes well. I wouldnt worry about it. I borrowed the way-cool motorcycle terminator thingees for our campaign, as well.

Try and capture that feel of play in whatever setting you choose. While they are isolated they can adventure like guerrillas, explorers, or maybe they stumble onto a isolated colony not actually earth, but a similar fragment of the old colonies – and you can put this colony at whatever tech level seems good for the game.

We have had two players try the role of Cylin. They don’t have FTL communication, and apparently their civilization was limited to either one large star system, or several very close ones, and it was possible for ships to go for many years without using their FTL drives before the holocaust.

The galqctica met each other while gathering supplies in a nearby town and started a resistance cell. I ended up with: Fr ship resources, one good la e to go for visuals is sci-fi meshes.

Scott could you please explain some of the following traits or do a write up that I have seen you use in some of your write-ups.


Anywho, that’s the basic plan anyways Rather than a part of the fluid nature of PL progression, it is much more likely that the FTL drive is a holdover reminant technology from the era of Kobol. A professional basketball pyramid player. And on the other side, Here is a post with for those that want a bit more structure to your big battles, and also an expanded battlwstar of rules to add. Well, I’ll almost certainly buy the book anyway, for background and setting information, but I already had lots of ideas on how to run games set in the Twelve Colonies in d20, especially d20 Future.

Great idea, and reasonable views on their tech level.

Like the time that Starbuck played sniper. A wheelman who was basically a “car thief”. When that gets boring they’ll catch a transmission from the Gallactica, and chase them down for a while.

They have artificial gravity, but a few bits of background material like the official description of the Space Park ship in the fleet implies that this technology is battlstar too old.

Set back 40 years before the series, when the new Caprica spin-off show is going to be set. What have you done on that cylon issue in your own campaign?