Bratu D, Nussbaum R. Bazele clinice si tehnice ale protezarii fixe,. Timisoara: Signata, 6. Maalhagh-Fard A, Wagner WC. Repair of fractured framework: . Bratu D, Nussbaum R. Bazele clinice și tehnice ale protezării fixe. Bucharest: Editura Rândașu I, Stanciu L. Restaurări protetice dentare fixe. Bazele clinice si tehnice ale protezarii fixe. D. Bratu, R. Nussbaum; Editura Signata, Timisoara,; 2 Excerpts. Evaluation of Metal-Ceramics Interface for .

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When the Gypsum becomes harder, we remove the impression, the basic plate and the side arms are opened. Bratu D, Nussbaum R. The image in R is the magnification of the area in the bottom of the image L. The probing beam is reflected by the dichroic beam-splitter BS1 and then sent via the galvanometer scanners SX and SY to the sample. However, surface finishes are not as good and tehniec may increase the time.

The impression is washed, dried, the borders in excess will be reduced; we mark on the posterior side of the impression, the middle of the crests in the posterior region and the median line in the frontal zone. It may take a considerable time before the part cools down enough to be removed from the machine. Axial extensions of the preformed crown should replicate, as closely as possible, dimensions and contours of the original tooth form. Much progress has been made over the years in improving surface finish and porosity.

C-scan images from a integral pressed ceramic crown at two magnifications. The image in a is the magnification of the area of marginal adaptation in the vestibular zone, slice 23 from 94; b represent the slice 44 from 94, zoom, 8 degree sl air scanning of the same sample.


The ACCU-TRAC eliminates the pins which need a more laborious technology for the obtainment of models with mobile dental dies, being indicated in the fixed and composed prosthetics. Bazele clinice si tehnice ale protezarii edentatiei totale Book 2 editions published between and in Romanian and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.


Bazele clinice si tehnice ale protezarii fixe | PDF Flipbook

Systems which permits the obtainment of mobile dental dies without swivel: Bratu, Dorin Overview. A computer driven translation stage TS protszarii used to construct B-scan images by stopping the frame scanner and moving TS along the optical axis of the reference beam. Click here to sign up. Also the microscope can reveal only the surface problems of adaptation.

Bratu, Dorin 1942-

Amprenta si modelul in proteza fixa by Dorin Bratu Book 1 edition published in in Romanian and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. The space maintainer of green colour is applied on the basic side of the support.

After the detection of the materials defects the numerical simulation method was used in order to estimate the effect of the masticatory forces on the fractures propagations in the ceramic materials. Materiale dentare Book 2 editions published in in Romanian and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Podoleanu, Fast scanning transmissive delay line for optical coherence tomography, Opt. The CO2 laser used provides a concentrated infrared heating beam. Skip to main content.

On the both sides of the during the assembly into ael articulator. Sectioned model without pins: The image in a is the magnification of the area of marginal adaptation in the proximal zone, slice 5 from 94; b represent the slice 15 from 94, zoom, 8 degree in air scanning of the same sample.

Assembling the models in the articulator. On the working model, we will make the template of the future prosthetic part.


This saves some finishing time compared to stereolithography. The Gypsum in excess will be removed before it becomes harder. The detection of these marginal adaptation problems allows all the corrections in order to avoid the failure of cilnice prosthetic treatment. Simulatoarele ADM si principiile functionale ale ocluziei: The model from the support.

Depending on the application, it may be necessary to infiltrate the object with another material to improve mechanical characteristics. Removal of the impression Protezaeii no. The paste of class IV Gypsum is prepared, for the socket and also for the model. Through this technique can be produced up to 80 pieces in only one step.

It has 2 faces: Large parts with thin sections may require as much as two days of cooling time. Masters, Three-dimensional confocal microscopy of the human optic nerve in vivo, Opt.

A preliminary study, European Cells and Materials Vol. Positional accuracy of four die tray systems J Prosth Dent ; The component parts are washed, dried and reassembled in the support in numerical line.

Light back-scattered by the sample passes a second time through the object arm and is guided towards the single mode directional coupler DC2 via DC1 where it interferes with that coming from the reference arm.

Puntea pe implante Book 1 edition published in in Romanian and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. En-face OCT images from different metal-ceramic, integral ceramic fixed partial prostheses and implant mezzo structures are shown.