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We have completed the readings in Ezra and will continue the story in Nehemiah, the story of the return of the children of Judah from their seventy years of captivity in Babylon.

For hundreds of years people have gathered together on this appointed day to remember Jesus. Joseph Palmer, November 23, We see in this story that Yahweh blessed those who arose and worked in His service and who were not discouraged by opposition.

Christadelphian Exhortations

Stephen Cobb, December 23, Jim Land, May 24, Gary Cousens, Nehemiah Class 2: A good example in scripture of a man who throughout his life showed this reverence and respect for God and who desired above all to obey Him was Daniel. The existence of two religions that could not co-exist together.


My place of employment recognizes Good Friday exhorttions a holiday. Ted Sleeper, January 29, Others feel that we can have other interests as long as they don’t interfere with what is most important.

Jim Seagoe, February 20, James Robinson, November 27, Ben Gallagher, March 30, Are people in other churches really not in fellowship with Yahweh and without hope? Art Kirsch, March 31, John Warner, October 30, Jim Seagoe, February 9, Today, we too are called upon to work in His service; and likewise, we are not to be discouraged by the opposition that we face Ben Dondero, June 22, He felt that they were equal. Ted Sleeper, December 14, John Pople, February 27, Are we sharing this great opportunity that we have been given?

We should be taking advantage of every chance we have whether we think the time is right or not or that person just won’t listen to what we have to say.


But whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. However, there are more important lessons to be learned from this book than a man surviving for three days in the belly of a fish.

This means different things to different Christadelphians as you know. Kim Bromet, October 4, Robert Sleeper, June 19, I see by the calendar that tomorrow will exortations the th anniversary of the birthday of our country.

James Robinson, January 9, Lips service is an insult. Ben Dondero, September 23, Robert Sleeper, August 29, Art Kirsch, February 18,