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It allows the dxtasheet to choose a combination of three features, as specified in the following co21b104kbac The PD can operate over a wide temperature range: Output port – The load resistance of the PD attached to the port is presented in parallel with R This ground plane should be Vrms isolated from the PoE circuitry as well as the power supply for the PoE circuitry. Grounds There are several grounds used in the system: Line Detection Circuitry — when performing a line detection procedure, the PoE device utilizes certain voltage levels over the output port.

The PD has a very low thermal dissipation.

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Visit our web site at: Each PD device handles one port. No additional voltage sources e. This signal should be optically coupled by the Host in order to maintain the requirements for the Vrms isolation.

This power must be isolated from the switch supply and chassis by Vrms. Multi — catasheet resistor detection?



Enables detection and powering of all Cisco devices including pre-standard terminals. The values are fixed for each mode of operation and described in the “R Mode pin” section in this document. The D15 and D16 should be selected for the application main voltage as follows: This disable-port pin can be controlled via the Host CPU. This PWM signal is filtered and utilized as the current limit circuitry voltage reference.

It operates in a total stand-alone mode, with no need for user intervention. The Rsense in PD applications is only 1? Supports Back-off feature for Midspan implementation Including support for high power and 2-events classification. The resulting voltage developed across both resistances is monitored to establish the These levels are produced by switched resistor dividers and sensed by the PD in order to confirm a valid PD connection.

Classification Circuitry — After a port is investigated, the PD should be classified by a classification current signature. The CAP option cl21n104kbac pre standard Capacitor detection mode. However, in order to reduce noise coupling, the grounds eatasheet physically separated and connected only at a single point.

The PD utilizes a dedicated pin, allowing an immediate disconnection of the Cl2b104kbac port. The PD requires a single DC voltage source: Control A Reset control signal driven by the switch circuitry is used to reset the PoE circuit.


External Mosfet, increasing the flexibility of the solution and allowing it to be tailored for the power needs of the customer. Figure 1 shows the device with its related components for cl1b104kbac 1-port configuration. Direct driving of the LED circuitry. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

For a single port, the system worst case power dissipation can be calculated as follows. If an adequate 5V power source is available, the 5V regulation circuitry can be removed and the zener diodes may be replaced dataasheet lower current 5mA zener diodes but with same voltage requirements.

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The digital and analog grounds are electrically the same ground. Stresses beyond those listed above may cause permanent damage to the device. In cases where the ambient temperature drops below C, or the product does not have to meet With a minimum of external components, the PD integrates in a one-port or two- port PoE-port switches and Midspans.

AC disconnect and DC disconnect function?

Enables detection and powering of pre-standard power devices PDs.