drives MV drives cover the medium and high power range up to 33MW with motor voltages from 3. Using proven technology from Converteam’s extensive. MV MEDIUM VOLTAGE DRIVE RANGEUSER MANUAL SECTION 5: This document is the exclusive property of CONVERTEAM and cannot be. Converteam – an engineering company with more than. years CONVERTEAM AT A GLANCE Converteam MV Systems.

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What is the proven basis for economic drive solutions that are fit for the future? Multi-Motors Start-up Converters are able to: By the processed gas Bearings: Any nominal driving speed can be selected. Kirk key interlock system and grounding switch are provided as standard.

– Converteam motors to drive compressors – Europétrole

Pcb – Purchasing Service Get Price. Since then we have designed and manufactured high performance. Low power factor, that increases the cost of electrical energy consumed by the plant Generation of harmonic currents, therefore alteration of the voltage waveform that cause power transformers to be overloaded and sensitive loads to malfunction Permanent and fluctuating voltage drops, that may cause reduced productivity, including unscheduled plant downtime Imbalance between line voltages Generation of a voltage wave modulation flicker that can disturb plant lighting.

This leading position results mainly. The harmonics injected into the network are very low. When converetam properly, the variable frequency drive VFD conveerteam the most effective motor controller in the industry today. Typical applications in the cement, mining and minerals industries.


MV7000 Entering a new dimension for reliability and performance in medium-voltage AC drives

Technical Description abcxyz Contents 1. Thyristor based induction motor drive Variety of power configurations including I, CS90 and I and drive controllers Induction motor drives are still available from the Converteam Group. The CHPCi is also the core of our low and medium voltage drives family.

SVCs are used for flicker control and reactive power control of electric arc furnaces and rolling mills. However, Converteam repair workshops may be able to assist with repairs and sourcing spare parts. By accurately controlling the rolling mill process and its [ Mvv7000with Wholesale [ A range of AC power modules in various sizes and voltages from kW upwards designed for cubicle rail mounting. Gem Drive Get Price. Cyclodrive Converters Get Price.

For energy storage systems with a high storage value the optimum choice is normally flow cells.

By accurately controlling the processes [ In addition to smooth starting, the VSD provides smooth motor synchronizing. A range of DC drives in various sizes. Start display at page:.

GE Products Used:

The driving power is practically unrestricted, 50MW and more being possible. An insulated enclosure as the base for installation in industrial environments, very powerful CPUs A high-performance operating system, communication networks, industrial inputs and outputs. Using the More information.

Patterson Convertea, Cedex – France Tel: International Journal of Engineering Inventions e-issn: It features modular hardware and software and is used in particular for the fast information processing of time-critical tasks in drive applications, process control and related areas.


A bespoke automation system produced for National Grid and engineered to mv77000 specific requirement to control system voltage within the substation environment.

Static Var Convertesm Get Price. More specific properties for the CL are: Converteam repair workshops can repair all associated T RTU equipment. More specific properties for the CL are:.

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For the latter, standard power components with air cooling, air-water cooling or pure water cooling are used. The benefit of the variable speed drive is smooth motor starting. The Conveream drive is modular and features different options, such as regenerative front ends, dynamic braking choppers, connection to a common DC bus, so that the drive can be configured to suit virtually all applications. Rear access is not necessary. MV Entering a new dimension for reliability and performance in medium-voltage AC drives.

Each PPI is mounted in a withdrawable power pack. They can feed both induction and synchronous machines with high performance converfeam control, across all speed ranges from low speed marine propulsion drives to high speed compressor drives without a gearbox.

Easy to configure – The.