The Voith Turbo Coupling is a hydro- dynamic coupling based on. Foettinger’s Principle. Its main com- ponents are two bladed wheels – a pump wheel and a. La vitesse de glissement du coupleur hydraulique entre les arbres d’entrée de USA * Voith Gmbh J M Hydraulic variable. Coupleur hydrocinétique à remplissage fixe et chambres de retardement Voith Turbo K G Accouplement hydraulique, notamment pour transmission à moteur.

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Fluid coupling type TV

The fluid coupling type TV is equivalent to the fluid coupling type T, enhanced with a delay chamber. When starting up, this reduces the torque during the machine start up.

The driven machine starts gently. The coupling also protects the drive against overload and dampens torsional vibrations. This protects your system and increases its productivity.

WO2003106036A3 – Coupleur hydraulique pour materiel mobile – Google Patents

This fluid coupling is also available with two coaxially arranged work circuits type DTV. The parallel acting circuits double the power transmission. We offer fluid couplings with water as the operating medium type TWV especially for potentially explosive atmospheres or with outer casing made of spheroidal cast iron type TUV for use coupleuur operations with relevant material requirements. Service, Spare parts, Repair Tel.


Load-free motor run-up Smooth start-up of driven machine Protects the drive in case of an overload Dampens torsional vibration in the drive Protects system components – the service life of your system increases Robust and unsusceptible to environmental influences Wear-free power transmission – reduces maintenance and repairs Automatic load sharing in multi-motor drives protects your motor against overload Sequential startup of the motors reduces the load on the supply circuit.

This occurs by means of two bladed wheels positioned face to face.

Constant-filled couplings are self-contained drive components. The different types of constant-filled couplings are mainly differentiated by the volumetric chamberswhere their automatically controlled fill and emptying have a decisive influence upon start-up behavior.

The demand of the drive application determines the coupling type and capacity.

Constant-filled couplings are mainly used for soft start, torque limitation and dampening the torsional vibration behavior of the drive. Hydeaulique doesn’t just supply couplings, we are also your engineering partner for customer-specific drive solutions: Designing of complete drives Dimensioning the coupling for the optimal use of your system Analysis and optimization of the operating state of drives in existing systems retrofit We can advise you about the selection of optimal start-up technologies Competence in systems for all mining equipment and the bulk material industry.


WOA3 – Coupleur hydraulique pour materiel mobile – Google Patents

Fluid Couplings Fluid coupling type TV. Fluid coupling type TV.

Connecting technologies for fluid couplings: Elastic connecting couplings Assembly with flange on the motor shaft type T…N with elastic connecting coupling on the drive side Cardanic suspension Belt pulley type T. Filling of a Turbo Coupling. Driving Greater Performance and Reliability.

Fluid Couplings, Hydraulic Couplings, Turbo Couplings | Voith

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