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The disconnection bodies 6 are normally initially in the connected state.


The third phase is not provided with the fuses, and the disconnection device is provided such that the unit of the third phase not provided with the fuses is displaced from the connected state to the disconnected state after the two phases. Since the protection system according to the invention comprises only two fuses, the short-circuit device trwnsformateur bypasses only two terminals, the terminals 8b, 9b.

Lightning arrester device allowing an external short-circuiting and corresponding protection assembly.

The finger can be easily used to control mechanical devices inside the tank 2 of the electrical transformer 1, and in particular for mechanically controlling the disconnect device tri;has of the protection system. Protection system according to claim 1, wherein the disconnection device 5 is upstream of the safety device 7.

The level sensor 15 measures the level of the liquid dielectric. The upper terminal a tube is a socket. The present invention relates to protection systems for a polyphase electrical transformer and an electrical transformer comprising such a protection ed. Ganes disconnection 6 of the connected state to the transgormateur state, characterized in that at least one of said phases is free of fuse and the disconnection device 5 is adapted so that the disconnect device 6 of the fuse without phase switches from the connected state to the disconnected state after the other phases.

In this way, disconnection of the third stage is cojrs relative to the other phases, and said third phase is disconnected after the complete disconnection of the other phases. Load a random word. Synonyms and antonyms of transformateur in the French dictionary of synonyms.


La borne amont 6-la du tube est une fiche femelle. The transformer of the security device comprises three fuses, that is to say one on each electric phase of the transformer primary.

The system has a disconnection device 5 with disconnection units 6 for three power supply phases 3. The upper-terminal 6 of the tube is a socket. Fuses 8, 9 of a safety device 7 cut electric current from two of the phases and control a blocking device 13 of the disconnection device to pass the units from trajsformateur connected state to a disconnected state.

Protection system according to claim 4, wherein the fault detection system comprises a level sensor 15 adapted to control the short-circuiting device 10 to the closed state when a level is below a predetermined level, said level detector 15 for detecting a dielectric liquid level fault in the electrical transformer.

This downstream terminal 6- 3b is a plug. In particular, the third switch changes its state after the first and second switches Ces deux circuits sont alors magntiquement coupls. transformareur

Pour effectuer un point de The third cable has a stranded between the third lever arm and the end corresponding to the terminal b with a length similar to the strands of other cables. This level detector is placed in the upper part of the tank 2 of the transformer to ensure that all internal elements of the transformers should be properly insulated by the liquid dielectric.

La borne amont a du tube est une fiche femelle. Tripping circuit with test circuit and selfprotected remote control for opening.

Meaning of “transformateur” in the French dictionary

The trigger 18 comprises three arms of levers, extending substantially in longitudinal direction X 35 and a hook 19 extending in the opposite direction to the longitudinal direction X, towards the device French words that begin with t. The locking device 13 comprises: The plugs are engaged in the sockets when the connecting member 6 is in the connected state, and the plugs are separated from the sockets when the connecting member 6 is in disconnected state.


Each fuse encloses a rigid conductive element of the electrical current between the two conductive ends and placed in mechanical tension by an internal spring not visible. The protection system comprises a support 20 having the shape of a beam in a dee direction X and having open rings 20a disposed laterally two longitudinal position of this beam, in which are nested fuses 8, 9. The disconnect device is intended to isolate the electrical transformer when a default power network is detected tansformateur avoid spreading said defect 35 in the network.

Tension transitoire de rétablissement — Wikipédia

The conductive element is activated, that is to say, broken, when the electrical current through the fuse exceeds a predetermined current. Protection system according to one of claims 8 to 12, wherein the bridge 13c is equipped with a roller 13e for limiting friction with the hook 19 when the locking device 13 passes from the locking position to the release position. As can be seen in Figure 2, each fuse 8, 9 comprises two conductive ends, the upstream terminals 8a, 9a and downstream terminals 8b, 9b an insulating outer casing 8c, 9c in the form of a tube.

A first cable fixed on the first lever arm comprises a first end corresponding to the downstream terminal 6 lb-5 disconnection device and a second end connected to the terminal 8a of the first fuse 8.

It avoids the risks of damage to the transformer. The electrical transformer of claim 14ou to claim 15 including a truphas system according to claim 7, wherein the electrical transformer 1 comprises a vessel 2 transformatfur a ground wire 17a connected to earth theand the fault detector to ground 17 is electrically connected to said vessel 2 and said ground wire 17a.