Oracle PLSQL and D2K Interview Questions. 1. What is NOCOPY? By default the IN parameter is passed by reference and the OUT and IN. D2K – 77 D2K interview questions and answers by expert members with experience in D2K subject. Discuss each question in detail for better understanding. Oracle d2k interview questions Oracle d2k interview questions. Overview · Version History · pkraju. Oracle forms interview questions and answers.

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Saleman number 4. You can use srw. Post script code should be recognized by the printer driver.

Difference between flex,lexical and bind variable sanju D2K Interview F2k. How to convert the oracle reports to excel sheet from oracle? View Answer How many different layouts are available in Reports6i?

Posted by Krishnareddy at Bitmapped intsrview are not text files d2 these are output as post script files. There can be number of properties in a property class, and the properties in a class can apply to different objects. Please Turn OFF your ad blocker. What are summary column and placeholder column in reports? A format trigger is used when we want to display a particular field, if certain conditions are met.


Oracle PLSQL and D2K Interview Questions | Home

Have you good knowledge on Java? Did you customize or build a new workflow. A place holder can be defined as anumber, character or date type, depending upon the type of value which will be stored into it. Includes the current record in the report. Color and pattern properties: Represents a binary large object. File, Printer, Mai lid etc….

Interface is the integration of.

Oracle d2k interview questions and answers

Any physical offset in the layout is incorporated into the percentage position specified in the Anchor property sheet. What is the sequence of firing in form level trigger?

Top 10 facts why you need a cover letter? Oracle apps Interview Questions. Templates define common characteristics and objects that can be applied to multiple reports. Applsys is a schema as jnterview and applsyspub.

If you write NULL in on-error trigger defined in Form level of Forms 10g, quetsions what will happen to the error message during runtime? Which directory will you copy your new custom form, what would be its extension. An anchor defines the relative position of an object to the object to which it is anchored.


Report Triggers :-

Read the most frequently asked 50 top Oracle D2K interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced job interview questions pdf. Instead We can use bind Variables as a parameter. As we basically use What are property classes? It is a front end tool which consist of forms and reports and use plsql as a coding language 2. Udara Oct 18th, If still couldnt see the scroll bar, just look at the x and y coordination of the scroll bar.

User profile can be defined at various levels. The first step of reports debugging should be to examine the log of concurrent.