The Spelljammer is a unique spelljamming ship from which the Spelljammer campaign setting takes its name. Contents[show] The Truth Behind the Legends . Spelljammer is basically FANTASY PIRATES IN SPACE with shitloads of strange stuff, like elves that have symbiotic weapons, mechanical. New spelljamming ships, spelljamming helms, monsters, SPELLJAMMER e The official conversions of Spelljammer from AD&D 2e to D&D 3e rules.

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Can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. The appearance of a large fleet of hostile ships 40 or more – spelljamker fewer will be ignored will cause the Spelljammer to move off in another direction, attaining spelljamming speeds as soon as possible.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. Free exclusively through TabletopGaming. Sign In Don’t have an account? Even some groundlings people who live on planets that have very little or no commerce with spelljamming communities have legends about it. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: It is 10 feet across and powerful enough to suck in any ship of tons or less. The line was expanded by a number of accessories. A 3rd edition remake of the setting appeared in an issue of Dungeon Zpelljammer.

The Spelljammer space fantasy supplement was released in Worlds d&c Spelljammer Crystal Spheres A crystal sphere also known as a crystal shell is a gigantic spherical shell which contains an entire planetary system. Spelljammer received some references in Fourth Edition material: Spelljammer was originally conceived as another setting for Advanced Dungeons and Dragonsbut instead of making yet another stand-alone setting, Spelljammer was designed to link together all of the settings of the time into a single universe.


If the PC acting as captain suggests that they land the Spelljammer on water something the ship would not do on its ownthe DM should merely say, “You don’t think that’s a good idea.

Spelljammer content appears in the 4th edition Manual of the Planes[5] referencing Spelljammer ships as one method of traveling between planes and providing information for in-game use for an example Spelljammer spelljsmmer. Last edited by XanStaraider: Spelljammer content also appears in the 5th edition Waterdeep: The Spelljammer only uses the sting weapon when it has a captain on board; in other words, when operating on its own, the ship will spelljamemr use the spheres in combat.

Spelljammer, The | Spelljammer Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Next episode they will visit the spectacular planet of Ebberon spelljammwr a planet side adventure while the captain loads the ship up with soarwood lumber and low level magic goods to take back to Bral. A dispel magic will also negate the effects, but the ship is considered a 20th level wizard for the purpose of breaking this spell.

Your ad here, right now: Other than that it was mostly abandoned no proper products and left to fans. I’ve been using it to run a campaign for a few years now. d&v

Spelljammer: Beyond the Moons

I met some trogs once, not very friendly ones at that, and, wow, did they ever stink. While the location of an individual can be determined by this ability, the ship cannot detect what that individual is doing without the use of the shivaks. Ah, but hypocrisy is a wonderful thing in an elven woman! This gravity usually but not always exerts a force equal to the standard gravitational attraction on the surface of an Earth-sized planetary body.


Those magically charmed are unaffected in their normal actions. But it seems the internet has really solved it. In addition, the Spelljammer cannot be fooled by illusions of any type, for it functions as a gem of true seeing for detecting objects around it.

The Spelljammer prefers its captains to have free wills. The Spelljammer has no “eyes” in the standard sense, but it can nevertheless detect life as per the spell. Contents [ show ]. Wildspace is similar to the outer space of science fiction, with planets, asteroids and stars, but with different physics. Resembling a giant manta ray with a city on its back, it flies across space at random and is said to have existed since the beginning of recorded history, spawning countless legends in the same manner as the Flying Dutchman.

Spelljammer, The

If the sphere falls into the gravity plane of an item larger than tons other than that of the Spelljammerit spellhammer fragment into smaller spheres of annihilation and scatter across the larger body. The dedicated fan portal also tracking usenet groups and keeping mirrors of Spelljammer fan-sites that go down is spelljammer. And also spelljamme weirdly-chill Beholders and Mind flayersthough the former still try to exterminate all beholders not like themselves and the latter are still evil, just more business-predatory and less actual-predatory about it.