The PDS was boxed with the PDS manual. When I got mine, I thought I got a PDS manual by mistake, so I called digitech and. I am fond of the Dod/Digitech PDS series delays. On paper there’s nothing too amazing – mid s 8-bit delays with 1, 2 or 8 (if you can afford. DigiTech PDS Two Second Digital Sampler: DigiTech PDS series» digital delay pedal», sampler pedal».

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Digitech pds manual pdf – Google Docs

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Digital Delay, yes, but vintage digital delay! Produced in the 80’s, one of the first of its kind! An input jack, a jack and a trigger input jack output. Two knobs to adjust the volume of input and output, a switch to toggle between Normal, Trigger and Sample, three pots to adjust the mix, the Regen and Delay Time, and finally a switch to toggle between the last three patterns of delay: With that, two footswitches: If it is used as a delay pedal, it is very simple: This pedal may well be digital, it can become self-oscillation, which is very cool.

  DIN 43673 PDF

In contrast, we try to use the sampler mode, the problems appear. Already, two seconds, it is obviously too short to sample anything.

False Electronics: Digitech PDS & Repairs

First you must get in Sample mode which works like Normal modeswitch the pedal, play a phrase when that phrase is repeated, using the switch on the left to bring it into memory.

For now the phrase will be repeated ad infinitum. Namely that it’s already very hard to clean a sentence The length of it depends on the settings of the repeat range. Once the recorded phrase, therefore, we must switch to “Trigger” ie bending, super convenient Another thing to note is that the pedal off the sound for a short period of time when using the switch This is on purpose, but it’s still boring.

So once in Trigger mode, you must press the switch on the left to launch a sample. It must be pressed again each time you want to start another one.

Re: Digitech PDS8000/PDS2000

It is here also that the Trigger Input makes sense Anyway, it’s extremely complicated to use for a result frankly not great It is the ancestor of what JamMan. With the technology of the time. It was the beginning of the digital, so its still a big hue analog repetitions are quite dark. With Infinite Repeat function and the change in pitch when you move the knob Delay Time, There are enough really fun!


I already had an analog delay an Ibanez ADso I was pretty used to this kind of sounds. If it let me go Digitexh The sample function is useless, especially nowadays with all the pedal sampler format that exist and are really excellent Finally, a tribute all the same to the ancestor of the JamMan!

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