The African American population in the United States has always been seen as a single entity: a “Black America” with unified interests and. Disintegration has ratings and 89 reviews. Aelee said: First I’d like to say IMO , the book was written well. A quick read w/o much fluff. Each detail. His new book, Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America, describes how African-American communities are becoming increasingly.

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What the heck are we going to do about it?


One could read this work as a classic casebook on late modernity. The newest and fastest growing of the four groups, consisting of two sub-groups: The meat and potatoes of this book is about the author’s argument that Black America is currently not a monolith, that is, Black America is made up of smaller groups such as the superinfluential, those of mixed race, African immigrants, etc.

Example of these would be: The guest list included enough bold-faced names to fill the Washington Post’s Reliable Source gossip column for a solid week. He is reticent about his formal education beyond saying that he did very well in grade school. While Black Americans and the peoples of Guyana were subordinate in status, all too often the leadership in these communities struggled to make sense of the cultural divisions in their midst.

As the Black population diversifies in how its members pursue attempts to flourish, the meaning of Blackness becomes more attenuated.

Nov 10, Mary Gail O’Dea rated it it was amazing.

He grew up in the Jim Crow South, while his sons grew up in a predominantly white, middle-class neighborhood. And there was a lot on how far they’ve come, and the elite if that was interesting too.

Middle Class Blacks Emergent: Please try again later.

The affair was held at the home of Vernon Jordan, the smooth, handsome, charismatic confidant of Democratic presidents, and his wife, Ann, an emeritus trustee of the John F. It’s emotional and sincere but still crisp and professional.


Disintegration: The splintering of Black America | Jama Jama –

Looking for More Great Reads? Robinson recalls that during the Civil Rights era that Black Americans marched as one because Black Americans were oppressed as one. This is a book you have to read more than once I think. Like any kind of categorization, I believe that it is not foolproof; there are always those who fall in the margins.

I had no idea just how large the black middle class was, no idea of the extent of the Transcendent of whom Barack Obama is merely the most obvious.

In fact it is not nearly as clear cut as it used to be. Its members are smart, driven and superbly skilled, operate at the highest levels of power and influence in American society. This book should be read and digested by all, as it is important to everyone of every political influence and economic state.

Oct 05, Pages. It appears far removed from the mainstream. Although the faculty may complain about these students, and the funding is never enough to provide them with the supports they truly need, we are fiercely committed to them.

If it means government neglect then this is not new.

The ‘Splintering’ Of America’s Black Population

Robinson has presented in his Washington Post column. Yet my grandmother also made it plain that there were needy folks among us and that we had an obligation to assist them. Mainstream, Emergent, and Transcendent all lock their car doors when they drive through an Abandoned neighborhood. He also studied the dictionary disintrgration listened critically to the rap pioneers who preceded him. Robinson argues that there is no longer one “Black America. It’s because symbolism, history, and old- fashioned racism are about the only things they can be sure their African American constituents still have in common.

Given their cultural heritage they are not as skeptical towards white aplintering culture as their fully black elders and peers. Alongside this is an incipient awareness of the limits to identities built on being smart and having a lot of material goods.


Others there that night included a well-connected lawyer who would soon be nominated to fill a key cabinet post; the chief executive of one of the nation’s leading cable-television networks; the former chief executive of the mortgage industry’s biggest firm; a gaggle of high-powered lawyers; a pride of investment bankers; a flight of social butterflies; and a chattering of well-known cable-television pundits, slightly hoarse and completely exhausted after spending a full year in more or less continuous yakety-yak about the presidential race.

So while the changes the civil rights movement has inspired over the past 50 years have splinrering been for the good, there’s still important work to do.

There are times and places where we all still come back together — on the increasingly rare occasions when we feel lumped together, defined, and threatened solely on the basis of skin color, usually involving some high-profile instance of bald-faced discrimination or injustice; and in venues like “urban” or black-oriented radio, which serves as a kind of speed-of-light grapevine.

In the 21st Century, it is clear, for example, that Mainstream Black America marches to a different drum beat, while the drums of the Abandoned go unheard. So we are left wondering how this clearly talented man entered and returned from the abyss and transformed himself into a corporate titan. Glad this was written by a journalist and not some bombastic academic like Dyson.

Excellent book with Mr. They want to emasculate you, make you compromise or sacrifice in a way that no man, or woman should. It shines necessary light on debates about affirmative action, racial identity, and the ultimate question of whether the black community will endure.