THE effect of wear and tear of the tailstock assembly of a lathe affects the accuracy of the finished product in several different ways. Wear on the bed-ways or. Assembly and Disassembly of Tailstockkiran wangikar Explain Tailstock And Its Components Lathe Machine: Production Lab MechanicalUPSC IAS. Preparing two wooden blocks (used as sleepers) and wire for guiding lead wires will be helpful. Disassemb ly and assemb ly tools. Disassembly and assembly.

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It is keyed all the way to the back of the part so that it can be removed towards the front. Reassembly was also quite easy. I can provide a bigger picture from the manual or a picture of my actual pieces, I didn’t want to upload anything too big The lock screws have the hex hole cut all the way through. The retaining nut holding the shaft into the back of the tailstock was too large for any of my wrenches, so I got the pipe wrench out and cracked it loose. Login to Your Account.

Be careful not to insert the wrench too deep so it engages the actual set screw before you have removed the lock screw on top. Once again, the results are amazing. If his trouble was not being able to take the round-sliding-thing out of the casting,perhaps as suggested the anti-rotation key runs in a keyway one end of which is blind,so perhaps the bearing assy for the screw has to come out and the ram then comes out the back? It’s used as Bill described, extend the quill until the eject slot is fully exposed, insert the drift until it stops and a light but sharp rap with a light hammer will disengage the taper.

And then I need to know where I can get replacement parts. Bed with the dovetail way removed. JohnEvansRobert Campbell Jr. Hence, cosmetic surgery and some lubrication.

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There is no set screw in it, Is it a point to put a punch in and tap around. It’s held in place by a dog point setscrew that must be removed first. The nut itself 22 appears to be held in by two hex screws, but I’m not sure if the nut itself is threaded on the outside and screws into the tailstock spindle, if it is held in place with some sort of adhesive in addition to the screws, or if it is pressed in. The two cap screws that hold the headstock are easy to see: The unit is keyed to mate with part 7, but not all the way to the end of the part, which stops it from being removed towards the rear.


For now I would clean up the buggered threads on the screw with a file, “fix” the damaged threads in the nut by screwing the screw through from the other end of the ram, put it back together and use it.

2. Tailstock – Machine Drawing [Book]

I keep subtracting these weights from the estimated total ofhoping to end up with nice small numbers for the bed and cabinet so I can roll them downstairs into my machine shop with a Yates appliance dolly.

Results 1 to 19 of Both have lock screws on top of set screws ad long tapered ends. I missed this last night as rust and grime accumulated in the hole containing the “Binder” spindle lock, quill lock? Can you help please?

Closer view of dovetail under headstock front: I was lazy about taking pictures during this process, sorry, here it is fully disassembled. They probably have one the correct screw size.

Not being a smart arse but have you tried just screwing the barrel out until its off the screw and then just pull it the rest of the way out.

Fun With Old Machinery. If the machine were mine, I would make a drawing of the nut, so that I could make one later if needed. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer lsthe the cookie policy.

The headstock shifted forward. Finally, I removed the centering screws from the sides of the tailstock and separated it from its base. My Uncle had a hand wheel assembly that obviously does not go to this tailstock. I was tempted to put a block between the chuck and the face plate and try to push out the chuck as I run in the quill, but I think I will scar the face plate or generally mess something up.


Have they been removed? In German most stuff that spins and has a special function is called a Spindel yeah, the German word is that similar. I sometimes call the extending thing in a tailstock a “ram”. Yeah, don’t overlook that detail.

Wouldn’t be as bad if he didn’t use a naughty childs profanity to puff himself up in front of an audience. Originally Posted by magneticanomaly. Harry is correct the part unscrews, the thread is right hand so CCW to remove it.

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Help Disassembling Leblond Regal tailstock – damaged nut

When the spindle was at it’s full extension and the handwheel was reversed to retract it, the screw became an auger. I’ve posted how to remove that bushing but it was some years back and I can’t find it now.

You would know this if there’s a corresponding keyway in the quill. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We have a Leadspindle and Feedspindle in our lathesand i would not find it especially surprising some old fella called the quill a spindle, on some tailstocks it is essentially one, even though the nut revolves. They did indeed call it a spindle.

Machine Drawing by N. D. Junnarkar

Spindle rear showing, left to right, gearbox drive gear it is in one piece with the ring that has the set screw holebearing retaining ring, rear ball bearing. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Here’s a quick link that shows what we’re talking about. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in tailsstock cookie policy. I have removed the two hex screws but the nut is not free. The ram is removed simply by cranking the tailstock crank clockwise until it is completely unscrewed.