PDF | The main objective of the presented study was to compare the effectiveness of two standard test procedures for evaluating bus roof. he main objective of the presented study was to compare the effectiveness of two standard test procedures for evaluating bus roof integrity: the dynamic rollover. EUROPEAN TEST METHODS FOR SUPERSTRUCTURES. OF BUSES AND COACHES. RELATED TO. ECE R66 (THE APPLIED HUNGARIAN CALCULATION.

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The active load shall be applied in the transverse plane containing the centre of gravity of the superstructure vehicle which is perpendicular to the vertical longitudinal centre plane VLCP of the vehicle. Although rollov lover crashes are not common, the number of seri eriously injured occupants was high as compared to other cr crash types [2], however, the research and intere eve related on its safety seemed relatively low.

G of the bus and testing of critical bus body joints ints and subsequent approval. This design method of rollover crash safety had important significance and value to research and development of manufacturer. Ecee this study, the frontal impact analysis of the high-decker passenger bus structure based on ECE-R29 using Finite Element FE analysis was focused on.

The connecting elements between these bays need not be identical with the real body work structure but shall be structurally equivalent. Fce most parts of the world, especia cially in Europe, safety requirements are continuo nuously visited to improve passenger safety in buses or coa oaches. The position of the centre of gravity, the total value of vehicle mass unladen kerb mass, or total effective vehicle mass where restraints are fitted and the distribution and location of masses, as declared by ecr manufacturer.

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For all the super structure parts, QEPH formu mulation with 5 point integration was assigned. No part of the residual space shall project outside the contour of the deformed structure. The bays of the body section shall be exactly the same structurally as they are represented in the superstructure, as regards shape, geometry, material, joints. The superstructure shall have the actual dimensions of the bodywork.


China Standards Publishing House,in Chinese.

The Study of Bus Superstructure Strength Based on ECE R66

The connecting structures between the bays shall represent the manufacturer’s description of the superstructure see Annex 4, Paragraph 3. The number of the body sections to be tested shall be determined by the following rules: Mass balancing was as done using balancing tool in HyperCrash V11 The main characteristics of the wheel supports see Figure A5.

The survival space of the cab was proved to be sufficient for the safety of the driver. If the equivalent approval test method chosen by the manufacturer cannot take account of some special feature or construction of the vehicle e. It shall have an axis of rotation parallel to the longitudinal axis of the multi-axle section of the vehicle, and passing through the points of contact of the tyres of that section.

The most typic ical collision configurations involving buses and d coaches are side, rear, frontal and rollover. The Administrative Department may then either, 6.

FRPRP and glass are included in the model which is an important nt component for structural integrity. Remember me on this computer. The asymmetry of the residual space, see Paragraph 5. Analysis and discussion on r66 deformation of the truck cabin and the survival space of the dummy were presented.

Application for Approval 4. A graph showing the various energy distribu ibutions from the rollover simulation of bus structure Fig.

The individual load-cell readings shall be noted simultaneously and shall be used to check the total vehicle mass and centre of gravity position.

The maximum length of a bay is defined by the length of the two neighbouring window door frames where: Since there are many seriously wounde ded r66 in traffic accidents of buses, more careful an analysis and simulation for impact accidents should uld be investigated. The vehicle type shall be defined by the vehicle manufacturer.

Crash Analysis of an amphibious bus according to the ECE R66 regulations – Article TechNet Alliance

The vehicle centre of gravity position determination was studied and calculated. Structural elements which reinforce one or more bays; for example, boxes under seats, wheel arches, seat structures connecting side-wall to floor, kitchen, wardrobe and toilet structures. Chang’an University,in Chinese.


In Thailand, according to the bus accident statistics referred to Department of Land Transport DLTthe highest risk represents the frontal crash accidents. NET Sce online subscription service, offering immediate access to our extensive library of global vehicle regulations, standards and legislation. The vehicle is repositioned on the four load-cells, with the front wheels chocked to prevent the vehicle rolling forward.

Skip to main content. Verification of the validity of the distribution of masses given in Annex 4, Paragraph 4.

Crash Analysis of an amphibious bus according to the ECE R66 regulations

GB the safety requirements for bus construction. By using the measured centre of gravity position in the unladen kerb mass condition and considering the effect of the total occupant mass. The active load shall be increased by small incremental steps and the whole structural deformation shall be r6 at every loading step.

HeFei University of Technology,in Chinese. For this reason, the Automotive Indian standa dard, Regulation No.

All the data and information stated in Paragraph 1. By using a dynamic factor K to transform the quasi-static PH characteristics. We use cookies to enhance site functionality and 6r6.

The rigid sections of an articulated vehicle may be tested separately or in combination. Every door and opening window of the vehicle shall be closed but not locked. In this paper, a finite element model of a high-top cabin for heavy truck was built with commercial code Hypermesh, and a manikin according to ECE-R29 was added to the driver seat. Starting months after the entry into force of 6r6 01 series of amendments to this Regulation, Contracting Parties applying this Regulation may refuse first national registration first entry into service of a vehicle which does not meet the requirements of the 01 series of amendments to this Regulation.

All InterRegs documents are formatted as PDF files and contain the full text, tables, diagrams and illustrations of the original as issued by the national government authority.