Honeywell pioneered the first Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) over 30 years ago. Today, we offer Enhanced TAWS protection in our “EGPWS”. This Pilot’s Guide describes the functions and operation of the MKV-A Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System. (EGPWS). The document. The Mark V-A enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) is a replacement for the popular Mark V EGPWS. The Mark V-A is certified to the new terrain.

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EGPWS: Look What It Can Do Now – Avionics

Full details in our Privacy Statement. The Mark V-A was designed to use the same rack and connector as the Mark V, minimizing installation design considerations.


Positioned for growth, the Mark V-A incorporates a faster processor and increased memory, with Ethernet outputs available to support advance displays.

Installers can use the existing Mark V program pins or select configuration options via a loadable database. Using configuration options like the aircraft personality module APD or option selection software OSSthe pins previously used by the Mark V become available for use as additional input or output channels, further supporting future growth.

Ground proximity warning system – Wikipedia

Improving on the Mark V, the Mark V-A utilizes a higher resolution terrain database, allows terrain database and software updates via either USB or Ethernet and benefits from a 15 percent weight reduction and 25 percent increase in reliability, or mean time between failures MTBF.

View documents immediately and gain access to all Honeywell’s products and services in My account. Click to not show the message again. Honeywell’s reactive wind shear alerting provides visual and aural warnings of impending wind shear.


The geometric altitude algorithm overcomes barometric altimetry limitations, like cold weather operations. The runway field clearance floor RFCF feature provides protection against inadvertent landings below airport runway thresholds at airports that are much higher than surrounding terrain.

The vertical situation display VSD provides altitude awareness in relation to the terrain, as well as an aircraft trend vector.

The Mark V-A has auto pop-up to change from radar to terrain display in the event of a terrain alert, reducing pilot workload during this critical time.

The Mark V-A features altitude egpqs of height above terrain or field elevation during final approach. Gated Content This document requires you to log in or register to view.

It takes less than a minute.