Brigid Kemmerer may very well be my favorite female young adult author writing about guys. That’s hard . The Elemental Series is one of my favorites out there. The complete series list for – Elemental Brigid Kemmerer. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 9 Up-High school junior Becca Chandler is First in the Elemental series: “A refreshingly human paranormal romance” in which a girl stumbles into a world of adventure, danger, and romantic.

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It’s esries even cute. I loved the teasing between the brothers and Chris when we started to see Becca, I loved how they stood for each other even when they disagreed with what one was doing, I loved how they wanted to fight back and not keep their head down because that wouldn’t solve anything and they would be bullied again and again.

It’s late night in an abandoned parking lot, but Becca Chandler can’t just stand there and watch Chris Merrick be cruelly beaten upon by two older guys. I may have also hit a dear friend that was sitting beside me while I was reading this book out of pure joy. But Gabriel’s teasing was straightforward, challenging, in a way.

She elementl deserve it, especially after finally telling the truth and not being the person i thought she was. If you even halfway liked it, chances are seies like Storm as much or better because it expands upon this world. With power comes enemies.

Oh god, I’d climb that like a squirrel. It’s no secret I didn’t like this kfmmerer. This isn’t tackling the slut issue, it’s actually making it worse: No matter what kind of guys you like, you’re in for a ride. Now with Hunter, the new kid, antagonizing Kris and trying to win her affection, she must discover which one of them has a hold in her heart and which elemenfal isn’t telling the whole truth T – English – Supernatural – Chapters: That much blushing and flushing couldn’t be healthy, for real.


Elemental Series by Brigid Kemmerer

I had this “You’re so dumb, Becca. Oh lord, how I hurt for Michael after finding out what had happened from the prequel to this book.

Maybe it stems from my dislike of Hunter, thus I dislike her by association? And is it a rule that every teenage protagonist have an annoying, overbearing best friend?

Similar authors to follow

Maybe it’s like a high blood pressure thing or whatever. But imagine my surprise when the book finally revealed who the fifth person was. Kate and Hunter are immensely lovable and at the same time easy to hate. Secrets My Mother Told by Elysse Raven-Rose reviews Michael and Hannah are dating and brigud is falling for him but then her son’s father comes back to town, why is Hannah so terrified and what will Michael do?

She doesn’t take crap from people.

Elemental Series

It’s not like things will turn completely good but brogid least there is something to keep his mind off everything bad in the world. She truly s one kick-ass heroine and a better person of how she perceives herself. Gasping at the turn of events and crying when things got sad. So, the story tells us that there are people that are more connected to the elements, but there are supposedly a handful of individuals who have an affinity with them and are therefore more powerful and dangerous.


But it needs work. Originally posted in Bookland wordpress. This one will be hard to like. But every time he needed help, he buried his head in the sand. But she’s grown iemmerer become an amazing person. You questioning what ‘turbulence’ might mean?

One thing I loved about this book was how Brigid Kemmerer incorporated bullying into the mix — with Becca’s ex-boyfriend who I hate with a passion! Only 5 left in stock more on the way. I don’t understand it at all.

The four we’re talking about are the Merrick brothers, born with special elemental abilities, able to draw up power and control the forces of nature. Despite everything, that made her smile. The Merrick brothers I was so thrilled when I got kemmerre book early for review. Young Adult Book Club December Jemmerer i need more! I guess we get a short story with Hunter in Fearlessand then Gabriel’s story in Spark.

Books | Brigid Kemmerer

The Guards are starting to view them as formidable opponents instead of just underestimating kemmeret like they used to. Why would you even think to borrow this? Second, it’s very rare that I can feel chemistry from both love interests like I did in this novel. Michael controls earth, twins Gabriel and Nick control fire and air respectively, and the youngest, Chris, controls water.