Empoasca fabae: Pygofer, lateral view. (From Young, b). Empoasca fabae: Subgenital plate. (From Dworakowska, c). Empoasca fabae: Style. Order Homoptera: Family Cicadellidae. Description. Leafhoppers are a group of small insects with piercing-sucking mouthparts. Authors: Buyung Hadi, Jan Knodel and Ken Ostlie. Potato leafhopper, Empoasca fabae, is a native species to Northern America.

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Front femur row AV with 1 basal seta distinctly enlarged. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Anteclypeus concolorous with rest of face, not contrastingly dark. Contributed by tom murray on 20 June, – 8: Both adult and nymphs puncture the underside of leaves and suck out plant juices. Review of the Auchenorynchous Homoptera of Puerto Rico. fabe

Currently, the only effective method that exists for controlling E. Feeding injury causes stunting and leaf curl.

Journal of Agricultural and Urban Entomology 21 1: Subgenital plate basal, depressed section subequal to or longer than distal, compressed section. A survey of the Empoasca fabae complex Hemiptera, Cicadellidae.


Empoasca (Empoasca) fabae (Harris, 1841)

Aedeagus atrium in caudoventral view not greatly expanded laterally, less than 2x average width of preatrium or shaft. Research has indicated that over the last 62 years they have been arriving back to their summer range earlier by ten days. The Cicadellidae or leaf-hoppers of South Carolina. Lorum conspicuous, delimited by suture. Face without paired dark dorsal spotswithout median spotwithout median dark brown or black longitudinal stripe. Patterns in Maryland and Implications for Management.

Google Google Images Yahoo! Connective freewell sclerotizedas long as or longer than wide, but not elongate. Bulletin of the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station.

Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington.

Rostrum not extended to hind coxae. Aedeagus ventral surface smooth.

Empoasca fabae (soybean)

Aedeagal shaft in lateral view not including processes curved dorsad or empoasac. Retrieved 22 May Trap-light studies on leafhoppers belonging to the genus Empoasca Homoptera: Argentine leafhoppers of the genus ” Empoasca ” Homoptera, Cicadellidae. Aedeagus basal processes absent. Typhlocyba fabae Walker, F. Hemiptera of North America Cicadellidae.

Species Empoasca fabae – Potato Leafhopper –

Please consider a year-end gift to BugGuide! Pygofer ventral appendage in caudoventral view relatively straight through most of length, but curved mediad near apex or sinuate distally, apex curved mesad, then laterad. Farmers Bulletin The leafhoppers or Jassoidea of Tennessee. Aedeagus preatrium in lateral view straight.


The leafhoppers, or Cicadellidae, of Illinois Eurymelinae-Balcluthinae. Migration of the potato leafhopper – a report on a cooperative study. Journal of Economic Entomology 4: Lateral frontal sutures extended to or near ocelli, obsolete dorsomedially.

Pygofer ventral appendage without stout spurs apically. Empoasca abae Wheeler, a: Journal of Animal Ecology 55 3: Aedeagus distal paired processes absent.

Empoasca fabae – Wikipedia

Subgenital plate apex compressed. Front femur wihtout long, fine ventral setae in basal half.

Pronotum midline concolorous with rest of sclerite. Forewing veins ScR and M free preapically. The female leafhopper lives about 30 days and after maturity lays eggs daily.