The Ruby Red Trilogy is a series of three fantasy novels by German writer Kerstin Gier. The three books are: Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green. Saga Las Piedras preciosas #3: Esmeralda, Kerstin Gier – Los come libros. Esmeralda de Kerstin Gier portada Latinoaméricana.

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However, Gwyneth must take her own life to have the prophesies come true, and to allow the Count to become immortal, and she is supposed to do it because of Gideon.

After returning to the present, she is caught by Charlotte, who demands to know what she is carrying, but after Mr. The next morning, while Gwyneth is “resting” from her fake cold, Mr. He is described as being a womanizer due to his good looks.

In giet epilogue, Lucy and Paul, now part of the Secret Service, are expecting another baby, and have both taken Gwenyth new names as Mr. Lavinia managed to take away Gideon’s concealed gun, and the two are left defenseless.

Esmeralda- Kerstin Gier (Amor más allá del tiempo #3)

Gideon is a member of the current male time traveler, the eleventh in the circle, also giier as the Diamond or Lion. Ninguno de esos nombres me sonaba de nada. Together with Lucy, whom he had fallen in love with, he stole the chronograph and escaped to the past, never being able to return again. Madeleine Montrose Gwyneth’s great aunt and Lucas’ sister.

The sequel to RubinrotSaphirblauhas been made into a movie as well, released in Germany on 18 December She accommodates Lucy and Paul after their escape in and is the eighth time traveler, known as the Jade gemstone or kerstih Fox. Also known as Leslie in German and in some translations, Libby. She also prefers that Charlotte was the Ruby, and holds a grudge against Grace for keeping the secret of the real birth date of Gwyneth, as well as stealing the attention away from Charlotte.

We still have a lot to do today. George to elapse, he reveals the reason they must go to the ball is to kerxtin Lord Alastair, as well as the traitor among the Guardians, so it can be accurately recorded in the Annals.


While arguing, Gwyneth discovers her past self staring at them from her third uncontrolled time travel, and kisses Gideon as a distraction. Learn more – opens in new window or tab Seller information libreriasgandhi The next day, Gwen and Gideon elapse, and Gideon reveals he believed he was hit in the head by Gwen, but knows that she wouldn’t do anything to harm him.

Whitman is later revealed to have been the temporary immortal Count of St. After the events of Semeralda Blue, Gwenyth explains her heartbreak to Lesley, who sympathizes with her, but also gently reminds her that she has a mission to do. Get an immediate offer. Bernard brings Lord Montrose’s copy of The Green Rider, which has a series of numbers on a paper; a code that Lesley breaks, but can’t make out the meaning of the decoded message. Lesley later shows up, and after deciding Gideon no longer needs to be excluded, explains how Lucas, Lucy, and Paul found out that the Count intends to get the philosopher’s stone and make himself immortal.

The ghost of Conte di Madrone behind Lord Alastair shouts curses at the travelers, along with making several threats. Bernard, who explains that a chisel and hammer was needed to break through the bricks, as he was the one who hid the treasure on behalf emseralda her grandfather, and agrees to do it that evening, when Lady Arista and Glenda will be gone.

The next day, when Gwyneth is taken back to elapse, along with her mother who was also invited, she accidentally overhears the Inner Circle’s interrogation of her mother. Madame Rossini The costume designer at the Lodge. At the Temple, the meeting with the Count at the ball is postponed, and Gwyneth elapses, then is sent home.

Rubinrot Quotes

Gwyneth, Nick, and Caroline’s mother. He is known to have experimented with various drugs and comes from Transylvania. A movie based on the first bookRubinrotwas released in Germany esmerakda 14 March After Gwyneth was born, the Count began to age, as he was the one previously immortal, and in order to successfully become immortal again with the philosopher’s stone, Gwyneth had to take her own life esmeraalda love.


He also reveals that he finds the time travel gene to be more of a curse, since it means he cannot travel outside England unless in the company of the Guardians and the chronograph. After traveling back to the present, Gideon finds her again and tries to patch things over, but Gwyneth still refuses and heads home. Then almost at once, comes Diamond alone, Whose sign of the lion as Leo is known. Retrieved from ” https: Please enter 5 or 9 numbers for the ZIP Code.

She prefers that Charlotte was the Ruby. Falk’s younger brother and the ninth in the circle, he is the black Tourmaline gem or the Wolf. She also helped Lucy and Paul escape with the stolen chronograph by letting them stay several months at her house in Durham, where she had lived with her husband and children until the death of her husband.

Ruby Red Trilogy – Wikipedia

Marley to the Temple where Gwen meets Giordano, who has an immediate dislike for her. Although Gideon manages to pin Alastair’s arm to the wall with a saber and Gwyneth kills Alcott, Alastair manages to run his sword through Gwyneth.

The two go down to remove the painting, only to be caught by Mr. Along the way, Gideon reveals that he lives alone in esneralda apartment and after his father died, his mother remarried a rich French man, and the two moved to France and had another child named Raphael, Gideon’s younger brother. Gideon later reveals he has gotten Elaine Burghley’s blood, and that he has suspicions about the Count’s motives.

After school, Gwen and Charlotte are taken by Mr. White, who was injured earlier by Mr. There are 3 items available.