Right-click and choose “Extract Pages” and follow the prompts. . Some of the documents that cause the “renderable text” error look as if they. Is there an easy way to OCR documents that include renderable text in Adobe Is there a way to get FineReader OCR quality with Acrobat Pro-like PDF output?. If you use PDFMaker to create the PDF instead of plotting to PDF from within AutoCAD, you will get searchable text in the PDF even for text.

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I have tried specifying different output styles and starting from scratch deleting the transitional files a number of times – the latter because I noticed that after right-clicking and converting the.

In which case, the fact that it was originally created in Illustrator is absolutely moot.

However, if the file was really just a series of images to begin with, then the resulting file may not be much larger than the original. It seems people keep coming up with creative ways to try to prevent people from performing OCR on their documents.

Actually, I found that the process was much renderablf than suggested. You have been a patient man for nearly 4 years on this issue.

It may be “good enough” for you. Navendu December 4, at 8: It cannot be captured”. My entire solution is designed to reduce the chance that any software converts the image files.


Actively thinking of new things. Convert PDF to Word. Make sure you have done your homework before you ask. Open a PDF file containing a scanned image ernderable Acrobat.

That is an incredible tip, Jonny. Select tet “Processes” tab and look for “acrobat. It is nice to know that it does work with Acrobat Pro for Mac.

XPS did you make sure that all of the settings were exactly as described above? Anonymous June 8, at 3: If you just want to view the file quickly, you really should just use the XPS viewer.

Fix the OCR error Could Not Perform Recognition in Acrobat

However, the images within the document may not look as good as the originals. XPS file then choose it because this gives you the most control. That did it for me: Unfortunately, that technique often results in degraded image quality due to conversion of the image format. XPS file can txt ginormous; ten to twenty times the size of the original.

Only you can determine how much final degradation is acceptable to you. The technique I outline above usually results in better image quality. Grant Sheridan Robertson’s personal blog. I have encountered the same problem using another software – Nitro PDF. Anonymous February 6, at When you add or edit text, it will look just like the type in your original.

Ideationizing: How to remove Renderable Text from .PDF files to allow OCR

In addition, once you have started this process, it will look as if your computer isn’t doing anything at all for almost the entire time. If you have a separate computer on which you can run these processes, more’s the better. If you don’t see either of the above options then – from the context menu – choose: Cipher October 11, at 7: Robertson June 16, at 7: So sorry to report that despite diligently following the steps, the ” Also, there is the occasional difficult page: This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.


Click on the Edit PDF tool in the right pane. Thanks to this thread, I found this out! extravt

Exporting/Saving Renderable Text from PDF to te | Adobe Community

Rendeable page contains renderable text. Was it a scanned document or “born digital”? Scan to searchable PDF.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available here. I recommend testing these procedures out on individual – extracted – pages of your document, both to ensure you understand the process and to allow you to quickly try different variations so you can decide which result you like best.