Create a Faa Form 2 in minutes using a step-by-step template. The FAA Form is used by the Federal Aviation Administration under the United. Incomplete submission may result in delay or denial of your request. FAA Form Supersedes Previous Edition DETACH THIS PART BEFORE USING . PARACHUTING USING FAA Form Applications for parachute jump authorizations made over or into a congested area or open-air assembly of people.

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While the old rules prohibited flying unmanned rockets into controlled airspace the new rules do not.

Your Certificate of Authorization may include specific or additional notification requirements. Be sure to follow them.

Filing for FAA Launch Authorization

Under the new rules no formm notification is required. When a Class 2 High Power Rocket requires a certificate of waiver or authorization, the person planning the operation must provide the information below on each type of rocket to the FAA at least 45 days before the proposed operation.

Keep in mind that the people working on your application are people, and as such they respond to being treated courteously and professionally.

If all goes according to plan, you should get back your application, all the other stuff you sent, and the Certificate of Authorization. Notice the coordinates that change as you move the hand around.

Around larger airports, particularly larger cities, you may see airports marked with a variety of dark blue circles surrounding them. Please note that a new form was issued in August We will show you how to make this map easy later in this document.

This is part of the operating limitations at 14 CFR Locate your launch site on the sectional map, then consider the following:. In a few minutes you will have a PDF of your area saved to your hard drive. The FAA is charged with ensuring the safe use of a public resource: Always verify the location of inhabited buildings and check for new ones. You may need to take this into account in renewing waivers from previous years.


Zoom in to look at the launch area you fly in and look over the buildings and roads not involved in the launch operations. Line 8 is also the line on which you request altitude. Follow their navigation instructions, it might take two or three attempts to get the hang of just what it is they want you to do to select the area for the map you want to down load.

It will give you a balloon to click to order or download the map for free. Locate your launch site on the sectional map, then consider the following: If so, you will also need to request authorization in accordance with 14 CFR The primary way they do their job is by making sure that airplanes work as they were designed and have adequate operational limits, ensuring that pilots and other airspace professionals like controllers have been adequately trained and receive recurrent training, and by separating airspace users in operation by adequate distances.

It helps grease the skids for the next time, besides being common courtesy. While the FAA will eventually respond, either with a denial, a approval as submitted or an approval as modified by them, if you want some indication of action sooner, try including a plain, stamped postcard addressed to yourself with the following on the back:.

Class 1 Model Rockets Class 1 rockets include what used to be known as model and large model rockets.


Using the markup you did in Google earth, put the same markup on the paper copy with fine point markers. On Line 9 you give your starting and ending dates and times, and any rain dates. Follow the rest of their instructions and switch to mark mode. These are airways, connections between radio navigation aids for airplanes under positive airspace control.

Operating limitations for Class 2 High Power Rockets. Go to a general aviation airport and look for the place where pilots pay for fuel or rent airplanes. Here is an example of a launch site picture that plans to file for authorization up to feet AGL: The new rules do however require prior authorization before launching. Your authorization will require you to make sure all fliers are familiar with torm terms and conditions of your certificate of authorization.

Filing for FAA Launch Authorization | National Association of Rocketry

I use the ruler function under the tools menu 771-2 measure distances. The new Class 2 rocket category covers high power rockets with up to 40, N-s total impulse. These larger airports frequently have high volumes of jet traffic and these firm represent a class of airspace strictly controlled by the FAA. These need to be printed out and marked up with depictions of your flight line, launch control point, safety dispatch, and fire control equipment fire extinguisher normally.

Please study these and determine what is allowed for the size of your site.