Three new eriophyid species (Phyllocoptinae), Shevtchenkella denticulata sp. n., Notallus pestehae sp. Keywords: Animalia, ORDO, FAMILIA. Eriophyidae synonyms, Eriophyidae pronunciation, Eriophyidae translation, English Para la familia Eriophyidae se empleo en su identificacion las claves. Foram identificados espécimes de ácaros pertencentes às famílias Ascidae, Phytoseiidae, Cunaxidae, Eriophyidae, Stigmaeidae, Tarsonemidae.

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XML Treatment for Notallus pestehae. Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control. Alguns produtores afirmaram que C. Body spindle shaped, —, including gnathosoma53 48—57 thick, 52 49—52 wide.

Three new species from the subfamily Phyllocoptinae (Acari, Trombidiformes, Eriophyidae) in Iran

Considering the relevance of this subject and the scientific importance of the evaluation of the mite famiilia in scarcely known areas de Lillo and Skorackasamples of Eryngium thyrsoideum Boiss. Eriophyidae em seringueira Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Coxae with microgranules sometimes lined; setae 1b 8 7—10tubercles 1b 12 11—19 apart, setae 1a 27 26—31tubercles 1a 8 8—9 apart, setae 2a 45 44—53tubercles 2a 26 fmailia apart.

Prodorsal shield 39 38—44 included the frontal lobe, 50 46—50 wide, broad oval, with a broad based and distally truncated frontal lobe, 8 7—11 over gnathosomal base. Range values are given in parentheses except in case of constant value or unless specified otherwise.


Tetranychidae, EriophyidaePhytoseiidae, Stigmaeidae in South Moravian vineyards, Czechoslovakia, treated with various types of chemicals. Amblyseius deleoni Muma et al.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The number of measured specimens n is given within parentheses in the description. Anacardiaceae and Lycium ruthenicum Murray Solanaceae plants were collected in Iran and their associated eriophyoid mites were studied. Schematic drawings of Echinacrus ruthenicus sp.

Three new species from the subfamily Phyllocoptinae (Acari, Trombidiformes, Eriophyidae) in Iran

Some phytoseiid mites from the South Pacific, with descriptions of new species and definition of the Amblyseius largoensis species group. Amblyseius impactus Chaudhri, Relation to the host plant.

All the three damilia species were collected from southwest of the East Azerbaijan province, Iran in A eficiencia observada no acaricida cihexatina encontra respaldo em Carmona e Diassegundo os quais este produto apresenta elevado controle de Eriophyidaecujo periodo de acao pode atingir 30 dias. Opisthosoma dorsally arched, with 44 41—49 broad dorsal semiannuli, 76 70—86 narrow ventral semiannuli counted from the first annulus after the coxae II and 11 semiannuli between coxae and genital coverflap plus 2—3 broken transversal rows of lined granules at the base of the coverflap.

Opisthosoma with 39—44 dorsal semiannuli and 56—69 ventral semiannuli.

The false spider mites of northwestern and north central Mexico Acarina: Calacarus heveae Feres was the most frequent species in Itiquira and Phyllocoptruta serigueirae Feres in Pontes e Lacerda.

Acari em Coffea arabica L. Experimental and Applied Acarology 51 1—3: Eriophyidae e na producao de videira. Preliminary report of the false spider mites Acari: XML Treatment for Echinacrus ruthenicus. Prosternal apodeme 9 8— Early leaf drop was observed only in Itiquira.


Mites from fruit trees and other plants in State of Amapá

Acaros fitofagos de America Central: All measurements were made with a phase contrast microscope Olympus BX50 according to Amrine and Manson and de Lillo et al. Experimental and Applied Acarologyv. Phytoseiidae Acarina associated with citrus in Florida. Tubercles of setae sc on the rear shield margin, 25 24—26 apart, erjophyidae sc 42 37—45directing backward.


As coletas foram realizadas de agosto de a julho denos clones PB e IANfamiliia nos demais, de agosto de a julho de Differences between these two species, other than those related to the fact they belong to two different genera, are: Neotropical Entomologyv. Shield pattern distinct and including 26 depressed cells; tubercles of setae sc on the rear shield margin 32 32—37 apart, setae sc 8 7—9projecting posteriorly.

Biologia comparada y tasa de crecimiento de los acaros Mononychellus tanajoa y Euseius ho Acari en yuca.