: CliffsNotes on Rand’s The Fountainhead (Cliffsnotes Literature Guides) Paperback: pages; Publisher: Cliffs Notes; 1 edition (June 6, ). Plot summary of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Part of a free Study More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Fountainhead. Browse all . Fountainhead has 43 ratings and 3 reviews. Kelly said: I read this because I wanted to better understand an author who is distressingly influential on cu.

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Integrity requires a man to be a thinker. How come when humans flatulate, it smells bad? Does a person have to have the same blood type as his or her brothers and sisters? What does the word supercilious mean? And what’s a petard? The width is 9m less than the length. How do I convert from one to the other?

The Fountainhead Notes

nktes I’m a city gal who heard the term at a 4-H fair and just read it in Anna Karenina. Can you tell me more about the whole process and if it is painful?

What was the doctor’s diagnosis of Helen Keller when she was a baby? Jul 22, Sreedevi added it. Please explain this Kipling quote: I can t keep principal and principle clear Can you help My teacher lowered my grade on a paper because I described a scene as grizzly. My grandmother told me that she thinks grandpa should see an alienist.


The Fountainhead Notes

To study better, I want to get organized with some of the stuff I see advertised. What does the scarlet letter symbolize? Is it really a law? Could you please explain the difference between affect and effect?

What is organizational design? From Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina Fountwinhead does dejection mean? What does the word prodigality mean?

In Ivanhoe, what does mammock mean? I know what mulch is, but what’s mulct?

What do they all mean? What did Mendel discover about heredity when he clff playing around with plants? I can never remember. What does that word mean? What does it mean to be placid? What are myrmidons of Justice” in Great Expectations?

After all, he ntoes supposed to be so intelligent and wise. Other features that help you figure out this important work includePersonal background on the author, including a look at the philosophy she termed “Objectivism”Introduction to and synopsis of the bookIn-depth analyses of a broad cast of charactersCritical essays on the author’s writing style and moreReview section that features interactive questions and suggested essay topics and practice projectsResource Center with books, film and audio nofes, and Web sites that can help round out your knowledge.


Fountainhead (Cliffs Notes) by Andrew Bernstein

But if you do break your eardrum, will it grow back? Where did the chair originate from? Which novels would you recommend to year-olds on the theme of places and forms clifff power?

Lists with This Book. How is The Catcher in the Rye different from other coming-of-age novels? In Orwell’swhat does the opening sentence suggest about the book? What is fantasy fiction? I started taking private bassoon lessons.

I’ve heard that in some countries, everyone has to sign up for the military between high school and college.