genus and species name, Frateuria aurantia, for strains IF0 ,,, and to Strain IF0 was found to be a strain of. Gluconobacter. Frateuria aurantia DSM (Project ID: ). Product: High Quality Draft. Proposal Name: GEBA Proposal (Proposal ID: ). Project PI: Jonathan Eisen. Potassium-mobilizing bacterial strain Frateuria aurantia was examined for Bacterial strain F. aurantia was able to enhance potassium uptake efficiently in.

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Table 3 Genome Statistics. Lect Notes Comput Sci ; Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. TAS [ 18 ]. Inorganic ion transport and metabolism. Biol J Linn Soc Lond ; We would like to gratefully acknowledge the help of Markus Kopitz for growing F. How many bootstrap replicates are necessary? J Mol Biol ; Nat Methods ; 7: The majority of the protein-coding genes Nucleic Acids Res ; Stand Genomic Sci ; 1: Support Center Support Center.

J Gen Appl Microbiol ; Basic local alignment search tool.

K-Mobil (Potash Mobilizing bacteria): Frateuria aurantia

DNA was isolated from 0. Cells occur singly or in pairs, rarely in filaments [ 1 ]. The branches are scaled in terms of the expected number of substitutions per site. The genome project is deposited in the Genomes On Line Database [ 14 ] and the complete genome sequence is deposited in GenBank.


Microbiol Today ; Translation, ribosomal structure and biogenesis. Petersburg State University, St. Proposal for the domains Archaea and Bacteria. Cells grow well at pH 3. Mol Biol Evol ; Appl Environ Microbiol ; This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

BrowserTool takes expertise out of the database and puts it right in the browser. The most frequently occurring keyword within the labels of those environmental samples which yielded hits of a higher score than the highest scoring species was ‘atta, biomass-degrad, capac, colombica, coloni, fungu, garden, herbivor, insect, microbiom, plant, top’ 8. Illumina GAii sequencing data 2, These data sources were combined to assert a product description for each predicted protein.

Nucleotide transport and metabolism.

Regarding the eleven hits to sequences from members of aurnatia species, the average identity within HSPs was Published online Oct 2. Lineages with type strain genome sequencing projects registered in GOLD [ 14 ] are labeled with one asterisk, those also listed as ‘Complete and Published’ with two asterisks.


GenBank Date of Release. Here we present a summary classification and a set of features for F. Selection frsteuria conserved blocks from multiple alignments for their use in phylogenetic analysis. The genome was sequenced using a combination of Illumina and sequencing platforms.

Acknowledgements We would like to gratefully acknowledge the help of Markus Kopitz for growing F. Fateuria are oxidase positive and catalase negative [ 1 ]; physiological features and antibiotic susceptibilities were reported in great detail in [ 1 ]. An effective tool for using ultra short reads in microbial genome assembly and finishing. Carbohydrate metabolism by Acetobacter species. Zerbino DR, Birney E. Genome sequencing and annotation Genome project history This organism was selected for sequencing on the basis of its phylogenetic position [ 28 ], and is part of the G enomic E ncyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea project [ 29 ].

Graphical map of the chromosome.

Frateuria aurantia

Frateuriaa new genus for ” Acetobacter aurantius “. The Gene Ontology Consortium. The minimum information about a genome sequence MIGS specification. Syst Biol ;