Frédéric Martel (born 28 October ) is a French writer, researcher and journalist. His most Mainstream, Enquête sur la guerre globale de la culture et des médias (On Global War on Culture), publisher: Flammarion, March ( trans. in a. CULTURA MAINSTREAM [Frederic Martel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling.

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Frédéric Martel – Wikipedia

Now the Maijstream Institute. That conclusion emerges from an imposing study written by a leading French specialist who interviewed key players in this field in 30 countries.

He concludes that the United States, while widely resented politically and economically in many parts of Europe, continues to expand its share of the global cultural marketplace. Martel, a former French diplomat who served in the U.

President Nicholas Sarkozy has established a special presidential agency, led by French movie mogul Marin Karmitz, to promote French creativity.

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That book which has never been published in English was reviewed by European Affairs. His new book is described here in this excerpt from a recent interview Martel did with Bruna Basini in the Paris newspaper, Journal du Dimanche, and is translated here from French.

Your book concludes that American cultural goods and services continue to dominate the global cultural marketplace — with the corollary that English seems to continue its movement toward becoming a quasi-universal language that reduces the role of other languages? What are the reasons for this?


Frederic Martel’s “Mainstream”

And is this accurate? The birthplace of Disney is also now home to Google, the most powerful online search engine in the world. How do you describe the impact of this U. It gives the U. It involves far more than just msinstream American-made movies, music and television formats on other countries.

Frédéric Martel

It is a wider drive in which the U. While this does not destroy national cultures, it does leave little space for other countries trying to compete with their own cultural goods and services. Other cultures are trying to compete, obviously France is one of them.

But in addition many emerging economies have their own cultural mainstrea, that they wish to promote beyond their borders.

Arabic channels have advantages not only because of a critical mass of viewers 1. These two realities converge in Qatar, Mumbai and Brazil. These economies are profiting from globalization and the growing dominance of the digital media. But not one of them has yet produced a global movie blockbuster. Interestingly, the ambitious cultural newcomers emphasize the same themes that dominate the output of Disney and other Hollywood studios — an emphasis on family values and a deliberate attempt to stay away from sex and violence.

In other words, they majnstream trying to embrace the the logic of being mainstream. So we are on the losing side amid increasingly stiff competition.


If we want to remain in the game, change is necessary. For example, take the output of Bertelsmann, the German transnational publisher; it has repositioned itself by buying a leading American publisher, Random House. Is there a way mattel Europe to challenge American dominance as it becomes the global norm?

Its objective was to be an independent agency that would support French creative industries. But the Elysee was not supportive of his magtel. Subsequently, an agency along these lines — to stimulate French creativity — has been created that reports directly to French President Nicolas Sarkozy and is headed by French movie-mogul, Marin Karmitz.

We can argue about that — and incidentally the answer is not as simple and obvious as many people might assume. What is inarguable is that one of them is much easier to export successfully.

Please don’t cut articles from our site and redistribute by email or post to the web. Now the European Institute at the University of Maryland. It is an English-speaking nation; It is rich in cultural diversity, as a result of immigration; It operates within a very particular system within which there is no overarching regulatory plan; The main U.