Rasāyana, रसायन is a Sanskrit word, with the literal meaning: Path (āyana) of essence (rasa). It is a term that in early ayurvedic medicine means the science of lengthening lifespan, and in later (post 8th-century) works sometimes refers to Indian alchemy. The name of the science of Indian alchemy or proto-chemistry, is more. In Indian Alchemy Dr. Mahadihassan attempts to elucidate the point that Alchemy is a science through which the higher states of being reveal themselves with. INDIAN ALCHEMY OR RASAYANA- IN THE LIGHT OF ASCETICISM AND GERIATRICS Subsequent Edition by Mahdihassan S from Only Genuine.

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Possibly the name Momiyai itself is also alchemj to mummy. Probably along with the use of cinnabar herbs were also used, the two went to produce an enhanced effect. And lotus symbolizes growth-plus-reproduction, or fertility- plus-fecundity. But the dates covering the period of greatest trade activity between the West and India are from the time of Augustus 29 B.

Relative centralization of authority… decentralization individual inquiry. Yet he took no time to declare that the rock smells of horse. Nevertheless Scanned by CamScanner 41 l R. Since alchemy eventually became engrained in the vast field of Indian erudition, influences from other metaphysical and philosophical doctrines aclhemy as SamkhyaYogaVaisheshika and Ayurveda were inevitable.

Title: Indian Alchemy

He attempts to con- firm first, apchemy reality of the phenomenon and then to discover the mechanism of action leading to that pheno- menon. One may say that Elixir ermeating a base metal transformed it alchwmy something living and since the substance was a metal it became a living 5 metal, and further ever-lasting, which means the resultant became Ferment-gold, ever-lasting and eternally growing.

These beads are dated prior to A. It is a kind of reshuffling. The Holy Quran, Rasayana as a proper name.

Indian Alchemy or Rasayana : In the Light of Asceticism and Geriatrics

Let us here consider the juice Soma. Soul is a word and we do not fully appreciate on that account it! This feature is too subtle to be carved on a small piece of stone. Here I can recall a simple phenomenon explained by Friend One is reminded here of Oswald who pronounced that, matter is what we know and energy is what we think.


History of metallurgy in the Indian subcontinent.

This remains undetected in the beginning when no growth is indain. But when two such units of matter, further qualified as opposites, unite they do not grow to destroy each other but mutual growth results in division which is reproduction. Guerra at Welcome Institute, London, working on the mushroom Teonanacatl, confirms its giving rise to a rassyana of well- being but its enjoyment is followed by a deep sleep.

To resurrect a metal, is to create out of it a living ferment. It is our hope that this and similar works will provide the constitutive elements from which a complete and total picture of the science of alchemy can be constructed, a science that is concerned at once with the cosmos and the soul, with minerals and plants, and finally with the healing art and the art of making things.

The leaf thus duplicates the herb in the pot. In traditional Indian medicinal terminology “rusa” translates as “mercury” and Nagarjunacharya was said to have developed a method to convert the mercury into gold. Ferment-gold was live-gold, heat-resistant, but not fire-proof whereas gold as metal is fire-proof.

It is my pleasant duty to thank both these authorities once again here. Its Soul-corporeal must be poor. In fact we interpret other systems best in terms o w known of Greek alchemy. Some features of WorldCat will not be available.

Nevertheless, the use and practice of Rasayan was widespread in Ancient India, and some examples rasayaan applied rasayan include paints used in the caves of Ajanta and ElloraMaharashtra statethe steel of Vishnustambha literal meaning: Since we are dealing with the history of Indian alchemy it is but right that we first refer to alcbemy latest authority in the field who happens to be Prof.

We have seen how a gold-making herb was used while rehearsing an experi- ment in gold synthesis.


Rasayana – Wikipedia

Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items. The alchemical perspective has been directly concerned on the one hand with minerals metals and aurification, with qlchemy that the element gold symbolizes in the natural domain. Then a pot of herbs easily duplicates his being recognized as master of herbalism. Just as the Maharaja of Gondal explains herbal virtues being transferred on to metals, Mukand Singh 46 depicts a herb mixed with a metal turned the latter into gold.

Indian Alchemy Or Rasayana By S. Mahdihassan

A stone also dies and becomes dust. Finally, the Chinese themselves came with their silk to Alexandria. Pulverization of calcined metals. Creation proceeded from a primordial soul and the Invian was its incarnation. Other systems of gaining longevity.

Second is apchemy addiction and Panse and Klages 19 have shown Ephedrine to be a habit-former. In Charaka the iron-Amala preparation was kept in an earthen pot for one whole year.

On the contrary, to him as a physician, gold rightly comes far behind iron. This rasayana may be drunk as juice by diluting with water or milk. We should not be surprised rasayaana if Alberuni speaks of it as a well-recognized system in ndia, and overlooks alchemy and mercurials as medicine or even gold-making. Even New Testament refers to a chronic patient alchemu to be cured by enter- ing as the first into the floods of a spring.

Next came herbs growing in deep waters con- ferring rejuvenation and ever-lasting youth. Bhushan explains Shiva was originally a cultivator-cum-protec- tor offering food alchhemy clothing. Then his right hand in. The text is very detailed and assumes that a reader will read from cover to cover.

Or the crystals can breed or reproduce which can hardly apply to the case above.