SAP BW InfoCube – Learn SAP BW in simple and easy steps starting from Overview of SAP BI, Data Warehousing, Data Flow, Transformation, InfoArea, Object. What is Infocube? Infocube is data storage area in which we maintain data which we are extracting from source system physically. An InfoCube. SAP BW InfoCube is a type of InfoProvider on which queries can be defined or executed. InfoCubes can store data in real DB tables or virtually.

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Virtual Infoproivder or Virtual Infocube. How can you measure the InfoCube size? Values must sxp zero-based and no larger than the number of dimensions minus one.

Infocubbes a Standard InfoCube, data is physically stored. What is Line Item Dimension? It consists of a number of InfoObjects that are filled with data from staging. Step 5 Rename the Dimension as per Info object information. The real-time characteristic can be assigned to an InfoCube. Incorrect data in BW, for individual documents for a period of reconstruction run. A reporting user can define or execute queries against an info cube.

SAP BW InfoCube Tutorial – Free SAP BW Training

You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. Documentquantity What are InfoCube tables? The data is infocubs physically in an InfoCube. Will it affect designing an InfoCube? They are infocibes used for planning purposes.

It consists of a number of InfoObjects that are filled with data from staging. The Infocubes are used to create Summarized reports. When I completed reconstruction, Repeated documents are coming. What is meant by table partitioning of an InfoCube? In order to make partition, at least one of the two InfoObjects must be contained in the InfoCube.


SAP BW InfoСube

SAP delivered Infocubes begins with a number usually 0. The reconstruction programs write data additively into the set-up tables. Sales Document Number in one dimension is Sales Cube. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. Depending on the selected update method, check below queues: The dimensions of an Info-Cube are entities or hierarchies.

What are the maximum number of partitions you can create on an InfoCube? During the query execution it brings the data from respective source system. To do the same, you just have to first right click on the folder as emphasized in the below screen: An Infocube follows the Extended Star Schema.

Real time InfoCubes are used to support parallel write access. This will delete the transaction data and InfoCube will be set to inactive. Documents created during the reconstruction run then exist in the reconstruction tables as well as in the update queues. December 22, at 2: Let us right click on the Dimension 1.

September 5, at They are available as InfoProviders for analysis and reporting purposes. The user defined partition is only affecting the compressed E-Fact Table. Open link in a new tab. Repartitioning is a method of partitioning, used for a cube which is already partitioned that has loaded data. Similarly, while you write the data while you do the Planningloading data into the Real-time InfoCube is not allowed.


They cannot store master data. An InfoCube consists of a fact table which is surrounded by 16 dimension tables and master data that is lying outside the cube. Is there any Transaction Code? Each dimension can have up to characteristics. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post.

The first column is the one with a Sort value of 0 zero. You can also determine how many partitions are created as a maximum on the database for the fact table of the InfoCube.


The types of virtual infoproviders are defines based on the data loading mechanisms. A reporting user can define or execute queries against an info cube.

The system prompts you with the following sub screen: It has Fact table at the center and is surrounded by 16 dimension tables with Master data lying outside the cube.

Basically, multiple dimension tables are joined through a fact table. Can you explain the alternative time dependent entire hierarchies in InfoCube design? sao

Click the ellipsis … to change the selected attributes. What is meant by Compression of an InfoCube.