Jean Thiriart and the European national communitarianism [Yannick Sauveur] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Learn about working at Jean Thiriart en Zonen. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Jean Thiriart en Zonen, leverage your professional network. The last thought I have about Jean Thiriart is a letter that he wrote to me some months before he died: he was searching for a place in the.

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The same holds true for Latin America. Various National European cadres ultimately joined the Maoist ranks. We, Latin Americans, are Europeans, and not from the American tendency. This site uses cookies. He has to appeal to one imperialism because the proximity of the other threatens to crush him.

In the autumn of jfan, he made a long voyage to the Middle East at the invitation of the governments of Iraq and Egypt. Unification would take place under the aegis of a European Revolutionary Party, organized on the Leninist model of democratic centralism, which would organize the thiiart and select the elites.

The ancient Greeks did not understand the necessary progression from City-State to Territorial-State. Il appartient aussi au Fichte Bund, un mouvement de Hambourg issu du courant national-bolchevique. He had to ask help to an imperialism because the other one menaced to destroy him.

Who is Jean Thiriart? | Open Revolt!

From toThiriart completely invested his time to his professional and syndical activity in the field of optometry, in which he obtained important promotions: He greeted the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of thirirat enthusiasm: I modestly put myself in the service of new initiatives. De Man, tiriart Doriot, and following in the footsteps of so many others, became fascinated by National Socialism.

Haushofer was an author who wanted to mix a science and a passion, the German passion. Thus Europe would be liberated and unified from Brest to Bucharest, thriart strong, and would then be able to conclude a tactical alliance thiiriart China and the Arab states to break the American-Soviet condominium. Reaching the end of his preventive detention, Freda was released and placed under house arrest in August Do you observe the same phenomenon in Latin America?


Retrieved from ” https: We are a stubborn phalanx and it is imperative that our stubbornness become contagious, taking on the appearance of a global pandemic. Moreover, as a general rule, the reception of migratory flows coming from countries where there are dangerous mafias is not recommended even if thoriart countries are European like Sicily, Kosovo, Albania, or certain Caucasian countries.

Following were the minor writings of Julius Evola and the works of Corneliu Codreanu. Today we have the misfortune to have to fight against two accomplice imperialisms.

He built a chain of optometry stores across Europe. On their certitudes, under siege, we must erect a defensive structure, which we hope will become offensive one day, resting on principles diametrically opposed to the thirart of the trendy people, to construct in our hearts an alternative, impregnable fortress, that we are determined never to give up.

Interview with Jean Thiriart, Part 1

How have their theories influenced your own concepts? The Pact of Three would have become a Pact of Four.

Laurent Hocq wants to initiate this work of metapolitical mobilization with me. The fact must be clearly grasped tyiriart the USSR is under blockade and that the United States is imposing blockade, even in times of cold war and peace. Since your earlier writings in the s, you thlriart studied the works of the great geopolitical thinkers of the past, men such as Sir Halford Mackinder, Professor Nicholas Spykman, and General Karl Haushofer.

I hate it with all my heart. It should be noted that following this discussion, the Italian militants of Giovane Europa carried out united actions with local Maoists, yhiriart by a minimal common program of hostility to the two superpowers, rejection of the Yankee occupation of Europe, anti-Zionism, and support for Third World liberation struggles.

But, in ten years, the international synarchy, that is to say the ensemble of imperialist forces that dominate the world, defeated us. Haushofer has sometimes written things as stupid as those we find in the archaic thought of de Gaulle. The year will see a Europe unified or dominated. Thirkart to return to grandeur and power, Europe should be unified.


Jean-François Thiriart

As a result, he formed Jeune Europe as a movement to reach out across Europe, soon founding branches in ItalySpain and France. They would not be vilified nor dragged to the guillotine or gallows. As ofit became obvious that the Third Reich could not win on two fronts. I will then be the first to put a red star on my cap.

Today, particular interests often defend themselves in very far away places. Thiriart, and a good number of his companions, temporary or not, observed that the duopoly had no desire to dissolve itself or even to fight each other, to modify one way or the other the line of the Iron Curtain that cut Tbiriart across its center, to tolerate any geopolitical affirmation on the part of European tiriart even if they were members of the UN Security Council like France and the United Kingdom.

Jean Thiriart | The Fourth Political Theory

He then worked on two books: The lesson that Thiriart learned from this failure is that the European Party cannot be created by an alliance of micro-national movements, but it must be an European common organization since the beginning. The tone jea the text is decidedly offensive. From this fact, we must favor a policy of convergence between the two civilizational spaces, for the defense of the Mediterranean against the element foreign to this space, interfering there, constituted by the American fleet commanded from Naples.

Thiriart rejected charges that he was a fascist. In his book, Haushofer describes the birth of the Soviet school of geopolitics.