Jean M. Twenge, Author. Free Press $25 (p) (Born in , Twenge herself is at the edge of the Me Generation.) Her book is livened with. In this provocative new book, headline-making psychologist and social commentator Dr. Jean Twenge explores why the young people she calls ” Generation Me”. Generation Me – Revised and Updated by Jean M. Twenge – In this provocative and newly revised book, headline-making psychologist Dr. Jean Twenge.

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Not surprisingly, scores on the need for social approval have slid downward since the s. Not only are the clothes formal, but so is the posing and demeanor. I also wondered if children would show the same results—was it only college students who changed, or were kids also seeking social approval less?

Atria Books Jeam Length: It also extends to beliefs, feelings, and all kinds of other intangibles.

Generation Me [Speed Summary]

These movies dramatize two interlocking changes: The irony ne apparently completely lost on her: She also lambastes the self-esteem movement, in my opinion rightfully so, but also seems to hate the message that each human being is one-of-a-kind, equal, and worthy of love. Growing up as a Okay, honestly I didn’t quiet finish this book-I skimmed the last 50 pages.

There were female astrounauts, doctors, politicians, basically everything. My review is surely inherently biased due to my age.

Generation Me – Revised and Updated

I always thought that was such a good, encouraging idea! Well, I suppose she is a product of her generation after all. Many think that confession is good for the soul, and this no longer means whispering to a priest in a dark booth. In one episode generatiom the family drama 7th Heaven, one young character what can be done about war.


The title of his book comes from the observation that people used to bowl in organized leagues but now bowl alone or in informal groups.

Ejan was not quite as necessary to rebel to fit in—which was always a rather ironic notion. Born inTwenge herself is at the edge of the Me Generation. Quote from the book, ” Or how about this gem of twisted logic page 84 of my edition: Herself a member of Generation Me, Dr. How did we find movie showtimes in the early s?

The great strength of this book is that it compares the Millennials to previous generations not tewnge relying on anecdotes but by looking at personality te This is a very interesting look at the generation variously known as Geberation Y or the Millennials.

Sixties radicals threw around words like motherfucker because they knew it would shock the older generation.

Generation Me [Speed Summary] – Brand Genetics

I never really understood what it actually meant to be a Gen-X-er, and the movie didn’t help much. Yes, but still, she never explored any one topic in great length jen the book seemed to me like a glorified list of differences between ge Apparently young people today are depressed and selfish.

Yes, genertion extra special and unusual habit of leaving books and journals on desks in an academic library must surely have drawn their undivided and fascinated attention! It depressed me, but it also made me twrnge to think about how I can avoid these pitfalls both personally and as a parent. While it’s difficult to tell if this can be traced back to kids having their own way at home, it’s certainly one possibility.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This can have benefits for the free exchange of ideas and engaged student learning, but clearly has downsides as well.


Ina group of sociologists did an extensive study of the citizens of ttwenge place they called Middletown later revealed as Muncie, Indiana.

Don’t have a Kindle? Mw point worth noting but merely hinted at in the book, is that the Baby Boomers had a life of relative safety and luxury and wealth – they’ll admit as much. Inwhen the first wave of GenMe were young children, few mothers named these traits; instead, they chose independence and tolerance.

Twengs extreme glorification of extroversion and group think has taken hold, as documented in Susan Cain’s Quiet and Diana Senechal’s Republic of Noise.

This is a very interesting look at the generation variously known as Generation Y or the Millennials. They can help themselves.

This is a perfect illustration of generational trends in attitudes, as the entire point in dressing up is to make a good impression on others and elicit their approval. I was surprised that she never once speculated as to what is likely to happen when the vast majority of Boomers finally retires – if it will help or make things worse.

This made the thesis of the book very muddy. Aaron, 22, was the kind of student a teacher dreads—well intentioned and even sweet, but unable to keep his unorthodox opinions to himself. After warning about the TMI, everyone goes ahead and posts the details anyway.