JOHN WORRALL case of realism’s ‘explanation’ of the success of our current theories there can of course be no question of any independent tests. Scientific. Structural realism was introduced into contemporary philosophy of science by John Worrall in as a way to break the impasse that results. (1) Epistemic Structural Realism, or ESR for short, holds that our epistemic by the publication of John Worrall’s ‘Structural Realism: The Best of Both Worlds?.

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This recalls the defence of Russell’s structuralism against Newman discussed in Hochberg The Value of Sciencetranslated by G.

Introduction Scientific realism is the view that we ought to believe in the unobservable entities posited by our most successful scientific theories.

With respect to the case of the transition in nineteenth-century optics from Fresnel’s elastic solid ether theory to Maxwell’s theory of the electromagnetic field, Worrall argues that: Ryckman argues that the work of Eddington and Weyl was profoundly influenced by the phenomenology of Husserl.

Similarly, Descartes in the sixth Meditation says: In other words, since the points of spacetime are entirely indiscernible one from another, it makes no difference if we swap their properties around so long as the overall structure remains the same.

Jonathan Bain and John Norton discuss the structural continuity in descriptions of the electron, as does Angelo Cei The no-miracles argument is elaborated in terms of specific features of scientific methodology and practice. A position called structural realism, that amounts to an epistemological gloss on traditional scientific realism, was advocated by Grover Maxwella, b, Metaphysics NaturalisedOxford: BuschPsillos a and Chakravartty all argue that individual objects are central to productive rather than Humean conceptions of causation and hence to any genuine explanation of change.


This is an epistemological structural realism meant to vindicate and not to revise the ontological commitments of scientific realism.

I Develop an account of reference according to which the abandoned theoretical terms are regarded as successfully referring after all. French and French and Ladyman a maintain that individuals have only a heuristic role. Alistair Isaac forthcoming argues for structural realism for secondary qualities.

Relations between percepts mirror i. There are interesting connections with debates in metaphysics, philosophy of physics and philosophy of mathematics.

Related Entries algebra identity: Leitgeb and Rdalism note that in the case of mathematical structures there is nothing to rule out the possibility that the identity and diversity of objects in a structure is a primitive feature of the structure as a whole that is not accounted for by any other facts about it. The Advancement of ScienceOxford: The Scientific ImageOxford: Volumepp.

The Rationality of Science.

Added to PP index Total downloads 2, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 54 6, of 2, How can I increase realisj downloads? Every Thing Must Go: For example, one of the most fundamental distinctions between kinds of particles is that between fermions and bosons. As mentioned above this is arguably implied by the conjunction of 3 and 4and also by 5.

Rather, we should adopt structural realism and epistemically commit ourselves only to the mathematical or structural content of our theories. Objections to Structural Realism As explained above, there are many different forms of structural realism and correspondingly, many different objections have been leveled against it.

John Worrall, Structural realism: The best of both worlds? – PhilPapers

It is this that liberates physics from the parochial confines of a particular coordinate system. If one replaces the conjunction of assertions of a first-order theory with its Ramsey sentence, the observational consequences of the theory are carried over, but direct reference to unobservables is eliminated.


In the latter case the problem becomes whether the spacetime points are individuals. Structure and OntologyOxford: This is often dismissed by realists as generating doubt about unobservables that is no more worrying than doubting other minds or the realisn world.

Structural Realism

However, there are at least two ways to make sense of the idea of a relation without relata: And at these points we have local qualities: Volume 2Amsterdam: Oxford University,pp.

The Best of Both Worlds? This article reviews the issues and provides a guide for further reading. Katherine Brading and Alexander Skyles consider the plausibility of arguing for structural realism on the basis of this underdetermination.

Structural Realism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

This goes beyond mere belief in the empirical adequacy of our theories if we suppose that the relations in question are genuine modal relations rather than extensional generalizations about concrete actual phenomena.

If they are to be anything at all, they must be intrinsically something; they must differ from other entities as points from instants, or colours from sounds. However, Pooley argues that there is no such analogy, or at least not a very deep one, in part because he thinks that there is no metaphysical underdetermination in GR. His sophisticated substantivalism allows that spacetime points be individuated relationally and not independently of the metric field.

Similarly, advocates of OSR such as Esfeld, French and Ladyman emphasise that the non-supervenient relations implied by quantum entanglement undermine the ontological priority conferred on individuals in most traditional metaphysics.