Košarkaška takmičenja Specijlane Olimpijade se održavaju u na osnovu FIBA pravila modifikovanih za potrebe Specijalne Olimpijade,kao i za potrebe. Basketball Nedovršeni članak Košarkaška reprezentacija Argentine koji govori o košarci treba dopuniti. Dopunite ga prema pravilima Wikipedije. Nedovršeni članak Japanska košarkaška reprezentacija koji govori o košarkaškim reprezentacijama treba dopuniti. Dopunite ga prema pravilima Wikipedije.

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Koswrkaska 04 October – Posted 05 November – To eliminate complex situations after a throw-in from the center line. From now, players who cross the boundary line during the final two minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime, hoping to delay an inbound pass, will be penalized with a technical foul.

Both fouls are player’s fouls. Skoro sam gledao neku zensku kosarku gde komentator rece da to vise nije dozvoljeno, ali nije mi pravvila jasno da li je mislio samo na kkosarkaska ili i na musku kosarku. If the throw-in is administered in the frontcourt, the shot clock shall be reset to 14 seconds.

Posted 02 October – Perhaps the most significant change is an alteration to the punishment of technical fouls, which will no longer result in an automatic change of possession.

You currently have javascript disabled. Ok, nije losa opcija. Ne znam za ranije, ali sada nije sigurno.


If 13 seconds or less is displayed on the shot clock at the time when the game clock was stopped, the shot clock shall not be reset, but shall continue from the time it was stopped.


Article 35 – Double foul New rule: There is potential for greater creativity from players and excitement for fans with the change that allows players to throw the ball against the backboard and regain possession prqvila anyone else touching the ball, making it possible for players to assist themselves for an alley-oop dunk! When the game clock shows 2: Whether a personal, unsportsmanlike or disqualifying foul met the criteria kpsarkaska such a foul or shall be up- or downgraded. Another important amendment is aimed to prevent defensive players from slowing down the game in crunch time.

All throw-ins following unsportsmanlike and disqualifying fouls or fighting situations shall be administered kodarkaska the new frontcourt, with 14 seconds on the clock.

Košarkaška reprezentacija Argentine

Both fouls have the same penalty. If the throw-in is administered in the backcourt, the koasrkaska clock shall be reset to 24 seconds. To allow for more opportunities for a shot for a field goal during the game. The shot clock shall be reset to 14 same offensive team or new 24 seconds change in offensive team. Whenever a foul or violation is called against the team in control of the ball, the shot clock shall be reset at 24 prabila if the throw-in is in the new backcourt.


FIBA’s Technical Commission reviewed all 32 proposals and approved 14 of them, paving the way for the Central Board to give the final green light.

Article 46 – Crew chief: Ptavila the final two minutes of a game or in overtime, when coaches take a time out with possession of the ball they will be allowed to decide whether the subsequent throw-in is in the frontcourt or the backcourt.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. All throw-ins as the part of an unsportsmanlike and disqualifying foul shall be administered from the throw-in line in the team’s frontcourt.

Japanska košarkaška reprezentacija – Wikipedija

To shorten the time the offensive team has at its disposal for a shot, once a team is already in the frontcourt. Both iosarkaska are between 2 opponents fouling each other. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

Several functions may not work. To penalize team bench members for leaving the team bench area during the fight on the court differently whether they are actively involved in the fight or not.

Ovo mi nejasno i cini mi se malo kontradiktorno u ova dva teksta.