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Brussels Thu Jan 10, London Fri Jan 11, London Thu Jan 24, Playmobil – Ponymama mit Fohlen.

Lwgo previously is a small scout craft that can be tucked away in the upper torso of the Robo-Guardian, accessed from the rear. It even has a somewhat head-like appearance, with the trans-green cones serving as “eyes”.

Vienna Fri Jan 18, Berlin Sat Jan 12, Here the Robo-Guardian is carrying the data pad container via its magnetic “hand”.

LEGO Robo-Guardian Instructions , Space

The Chief reads information stored on a Spyrius data pad, while the young Astronaut stores his data, pad in the nearby container. In the center is the Spyrius Chief, presumed leader UK fiction notwithstanding of the crew, with a Spyrius Astronaut on the left and a Spyrius Droid secret leader?! The Robo-Guardian’s head is designed to be detachable as a spaceship, handy for emergency get-a-ways.

  CTU151 BAB 5 PDF

Posted February 8, Like the scout craft, the trans-green round plates provide vertical thrust.

LEGO Robo-Guardian Set 6949

As the robot rolls along a flat surface, the top wheels make just enough contact with the set on the bottom to roll along with them albiet in the opposite direction.

The red windscreen has some scuffing. Its status is near mythical in the Lego Community.

Vienna Mon Jan 21, Sydney Sun Dec 30, Perhaps this is an escape vehicle. Lego Space Spyrius Robo Guardian robot per cent complete vgc. Piloted by a Spyrius Astronaut, it has a pleasant shape. This will unlock the shoulder joint and allow the arm to swing back down lebo a neutral position.

A rear view of the head flyer. Sign in Already have an account? Paris Wed Jan 16, This is a must-have set for any true Lego ,ego Presented here are the three minifigures included with this set.

Amazon Back to Store List. Perhaps in addition to storage, the container can decode and decrypt the information stored on the data pads. The arms will fold out to release the vehicle. Unfortunately the arm isn’t quite long enough for the robot to store the container by itself. You may also like.

No other Lego robot, before or after, can compete with the Robo-Guardian’s awe inspiring presence! As a kid, this was my absolute favorite Lego set that I owned.


It seems they have a multitude of uses, beyond securely storing data. The right arm features a magnet, while the left arm is equipped with a claw. Posted February 7, Lego Vermin Vaporizer The special prints are delightfully sci-fi. We already worked on the search keywords so you lefo get the best results right away.

I’ve always been a huge fan of giant robots, and this was easily the coolest of the era. The rear of the scout craft. With lrgo Head Flyer off on its own, the main body of the Robo-Guardian can still be controlled. One can insert the pads with the container open, but it’s more fun to slip them through legk tiny slots on the front and rear of the container instead.

Montreal Fri Jan 25, Page last updated 3 days ago Next update in 1 month. Brussels Wed Jan 23, The head can swivel a full degrees on a turntable piece.