Los monstruos: Dave Eggers ; traducción de Cruz Rodríguez Juiz. Front Cover. Dave Eggers. Mondadori, – Runaway children – pages. Los monstruos/ Wild Things (Spanish Edition): Dave Eggers, Cruz Rodriguez Juiz: Books – The Wild Things has ratings and reviews. Suzie said: I know a lot of people didn’t like this book, their arguments being that it was an unneces.

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Don’t we want all children to come through the jungle of childhood with these lessons learned? They believe the sun will burn up because their teacher said so. In trying to be loved, he only pushes people away. But it just didn’t have that extra “breath of life” that Dave Eggers is capable of. It was an expansion of the story in Eggers’ imagination, but it didn’t spark anything in my imagination.

Dave Eggers Filter applied. Aug 05, Karlijn rated it it was ok. And he cried because he would never get new teeth again.

I liked the characters, I liked some of the scenes he created, but I didn’t need anything more than the original. And my 3rd favorite part was when they were building the fort i like this part because everyones geting along and doing what they like and plus i never builded a fort and it sounded real cool.


They know who can gnaw on whom. I did not enjoy this book als I had expected. Oct 26, H R Koelling rated it it was amazing.

Your Fathers, Where Are They?. And eventually, important though the wild things are, the child has to grow up and move on. So, knowing that, and knowing ahead of time that you’re against the concept of the novel or movie even existing—why in the world would you want to read it or see it in the first place? His monstuos suit seems to make him one of them.

The book pretty much look like a new book. There is very little impact from any of the chapters after Max gets to the island because it reads like a series of barely-connected vignettes.

There’s nothing wrong with this book, it’s actually quite cute and it’s very readable.

Los monstruos

However, at the end, there is still a part of me which wonders if he really will change now that mom has forgiven him and given him cake. One of the vampires bit the tallest building but his fangs broke off. Then the Dave Eggers movie script-adaptation book came out.

The story of this book and the essence of it has infiltrated the psyche of North American children anywhere. It had seemed like simple fun when he had first pictured it, with a glorious beginning, a difficult but valor-filled middle, and a victorious end. Scary — yes, unpredictable — yes, but lovable and fun-loving. Het mooiste aan dit boek zijn de prachtige zinnen die me regelmatig weten te raken en die mooi genoeg zijn om te noteren. Delivery options see all. But hes basicaly on a journey to teach these beast a couple of things.


The book allows for more depth to the inner anxieties of Max, but it also removes some of the magic by trying to detail too much. The concept is happy-making and the cover art is beautiful.

I had expected to like it, to find it maybe average or even good, but it is fantastic. In Eggers’s version, one can easily see how each of these oversized animal creatures are aspects of himself and that the one he bonds most with initially terrifies him with his temper and his justification of committing acts Max feels are evil.

I wish I had. Buying format see all.

Skip to main content. What you wind up with, though, is less t I don’t think that this book really knew where it wanted to go or what it wanted to do. Each month we recycle over 2. What Is the What. Like the film is a companion to the original picture book, this is a companion to those.